Thursday, March 27, 2008

trim blow ride

Get your mind out of the gutter I'm talking about trail work. We finished prep on the top of the north GS trail. All that is left is to ride it down and some clean up here and there. The missionaries from my church are out working on the trail now a little extra help never hurts. Randy is making headway on rough cutting and one more time and he will will be finished with the loop. Then we will need to trim and blow the rest of it down the hill. We are to the grave yard on the east side, if anyone wants to break out the trimer. The top of the North side is getting beat in nice, keep riding.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

GSC trailwork Sat morn...come one, come all!

I'll be there at 7:30 am with Shaun. He'll be there till 10 or so. We may not get fully done with the rough cut, but almost. RT

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Speaking of Big Girl Panties...

Jason was gunning for me today. Great ride with some good attacks on a couple nasty hills. At one ride or less per week over the last couple months for me, it was definitely a challenge! Dirt roads were a little sloppy at times, but not so bad that it made a complete mess. Temps were okay, but once again, we got home just in time to see the snow start flying. It's like a rain dance.

I was actually imagining a longer ride, but the 2.5 hours we were out was more than enough for me. It's just after 8 and I'm already thinking about bed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saturday is supp. to be shitty...Let's knock out the GSC!

It's gonna be great weather all week up until Sat. Let's get the camp rough cuttin done and over with while it's snowin/rainin/whatever the hell it's supposed to do that day. Get your ridin in this week, grab your gloves, pull up your Big Girl Panties, and let's do it! RT

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just In Time Delivery

Okay, so we were a couple minutes late. But we had from 1-3 and I think Jason must have got home at like 3:03. Not bad for making it out past Amazonia via the 102 river route.

Jason was riding strong, which was good - cause the hills were steep and the wind was stiff. We went out with the wind, so coming back was that much more exciting. Dirt roads were pretty good for the most part, but there were a few muddy spots.

I heard this morning the the National Weather Service has a flood warning for the the 102 river. I believe it - there was a ton of ice flow and all of the fields were running off pretty briskly. I'm sure the rain last night helped that situation.

Anyway, I got home just as it started to rain. Perfect timing.

I won't be able to ride till next Sunday - so all you guys get some good training in this week so you can mop the floor with me next weekend!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunday Ride

Looks like I will be able to ride Sunday afternoon at around 1PM. Is anyone else into it?

Maybe dirt roads will be passable with all the sun and wind today.