Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can anyone help me....

Hey MTB bros.! Does anyone have a 68 x 108 ISIS bottom bracket? I just want to use it to see if that is the size I need for my new ride! I dont want to order one and not be able to use it! Your help is greatly appreciated, c u on the trails soon! BradBoB


If your looking to ride, Sunbrige is dry. There is no since in tearing up the Corby’s if there is a dry place to ride in town.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

jerseys bone bender and other stuff

This is a reminder from JP about jerseys. Kelly, Greg, Randy and maybe Lansen have paid so please disregard if you have paid.
I have not received money for the following jersey orders:
Russ Dog
Greg ?
Kelly M.
Mike Ratcliff
Randy T.
Total of 9 at $35.00 each = $315.00
They hit the account for the remainder of what was owed on the 15th, this means the kits will be in SOON!! That is great news!
I will be in St. Joe on Wed., can run by the shop around noon. Pick up the rest of the $$ and look at the calendar for a team meeting, kit hand out? We can also discuss posting a Bonebender race deadline, so that I can submit a list of racers, categories and a team check for the race??

Here is another from JP. Lansen any chance of getting JP posting power.

Could you please post this below?
Anyone on the team who is planning to race the Bone Bender on March 14th at Smithville Lake, please post to this blog. I will need your name and category that you will be racing. I would like to contact the promoter next by Friday Feb. 27th with a team head count. I guess I would need your name, first and last, age group, category, etc. This is one of the team sponsored races, so entry is paid for by our generous sponsors. It is much easier to write one check for the team, than reimburse everyone individually. If you have already registered no problem, I will issue you a check at the race.
Jersey's will be in, hopefully, by the first week of March. What I would like to do, is have a meeting at Force of Nature on Monday Night March 9th to hand out jerseys and have our first team meeting. Time will be determined, but we could try to do a ride and then the meeting, since daylight savings will begin on March 8th? Just a thought?
I am looking forward to riding and racing with you all in 2009! New daddy duties have kept me from riding much the last 3 weeks, but I plan on living on the bike a lot starting this weekend! Time to get ready for 2009!!
See you all soon!
P.S. Let's take some of that stimulus money and ask the parks department for money to provide a bike patrol on the trails for the weekends. That would kick some people off there horses and out of the trails??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horses & Motorcycles @ Krug!

This past Saturday while hiking with family, a couple on horses passed us going up the hill south of waterfall & tearing it up.  I asked them if they were supposed to be there and the man said they could.  Also saw fresh motorcycle tracks in the same area.  Nothing worst for groomed trails than the destructive power of horse hoofs or irresponsible motor heads spinning out their rear wheels.

This is the first sign of horses in the years I've been playing back there.  If indeed horses are allowed and this is only the first of more horse & motorcycle outings to come, we can say goodbye to descent mtb riding and ya guys might as well stop all the current hard work on relocating trails.  Cause as Lansen and I got to experience first hand about a year ago in Waubonsie SP, the trails will turn to shitt... literally!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bridges for Krug

KCP&L (T&D) has indicated the potential for donation of utility poles for trail bridges. I'm working with them on the details as far as the "red tape" is concerned, but I would like to know how many bridges and what spans you're looking at, so we'll know how many poles to ask for. I believe it would be in everyone's best interest to follow the specs set out in the engineered plans contained on the IMBA site. KCP&L needs specifics to provide a level of comfort from the liability side of things.

Please let me know if someone has already made other arrangements for bridge materials, so I can disregard if that is the case. The local plant manager is a relative, so I asked him to check on it for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Jp texted me and let me know the jerseys ship to him march 2nd, just in time for warmer weather.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009