Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tis the season for gettin it!

The XC race season is shaping up to be a awesome 2010!! With that said, I decided that just maybe I actually start to make some gains in the off season... As opposed to last year when I got close to my race weight/legs etc, after the season ended...

As I have said to some folks who haven't tried it, Cyclocross is about the most fun you can have with your cloths on, and all of us that put in a season are defiantly reaping the rewards of being quite fit for the off season.

So now is the time beeoches!!! Cut back on your calories, maybe try to force yourself to drink light beer.. Just kidding, that would be stupid. Due cut the calories though.

I am telling you, now is the time to start getting things into full gear. If you can get on a trainer, good for you (I do think you are sissy boys though).... N0 offence to the many I know who do so..

For the rest of you that can HTFU and ride outside, say hello to your new little friend!!

And there are plenty more where this is located... If you think you want to HTFU, let us know, we will be more than happy to whip the off season beer fat off ya!

a.k.a. kick your own ass know so you can kick others later!!! Passing people is the Sheet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KC Sprints

T Garv, Bob Fitz and I are going to try and get KC Sprints to come up to the HI-HO... So all you sukers MUST attend... I will let you know more when a date is set.....

Check it out..

If you want to help organize it that would be awesome too.... Just let one of us know...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks, guys

Hi guys,

A few quick thoughts I'd like to share...

I know I don't use the trails for riding much, but I do run on them several times a week. On behalf of all the runners & walkers on the trails, I want to say thanks for the hard work you all have done to build & maintain sustainable trails. They are a great asset for the city to have, and it is all due to you all.

On a somewhat related note, when you guys plan work days this spring to do trail maintenance, please include me on the notifications. I know several of you have my email address. I'd like to be able to give back & help out. I betcha there would be a cooler in the back of my truck too.

I know JDoug has called me out here on this blog before. This year, I promise to get out there on my mtb more. Just don't drink all my beer before I catch up to you guys back at the parking lot.

Finally, I passed a bunch of you (me, running the other direction) on your group ride Saturday on the Riverfront trail. I am glad to see you were keeping warm. Holy smokes, you guys reminded me of the little brother on A Christmas Story the way you were all bundled up. Oh and I hope I didn't offend anyone with the "spandex-wearing something something something" comment.

That's it. See you out there soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dirty Kanza

Well, I had ambitions this year of taking in this 200 mile race out in KS. I rather enjoy the endurance races...

Well, the f-ing registration opened on Sunday and closed 13 hours later!! Needless to say I will not be on the starting list... As least for now... If anyone else is interested you can get on a waiting list... you have to email cstoeltzing@yahoo.com

Hope this is no indication of how my 2010 race season is going to go... Day late and a dollar short...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

XC ski time

I been takin thew skinny skis to the Savannah golf course and Hony Creek Conservation area this week. You can ski at night at the golf course w/o a light because of the ambient light from Savannh town itself. There are lotsa deer and turkey to be seen at the conservation area as well. Get a pair, grow a pair, and come skiing with me. Its just what the doctor ordered for cabin fever. The hippie

The Lansen Chronicles

Lansen calls me on New Year's Day and wants to go XC skiing. We load up and he asks if my good ole boy 4x4 is up to the task of a side road by his house thats a little drifted in. I had just put on new tires and answered to the affirmative. The road has a high crown and were doing great till I slide off said crown and bury it in the freakin ditch. The snow is so deep on the passenger side Lansen has to crawl out my side to just get out. We gear up to make the mile and a quarter trek back to his house for shovels and his Subaru Outback when i discover that I left my ski boots in my garage. I hoofed it back while he skied...great fun! Lansen inherited 2 grain shovels when he bought his has last year so we were set. We get back to the stuck truck and my shovels' handle snaps on the 4th scoop. It was all fun till then. We took turns digging around and under the Tundra for a hour and a half. We hooked the Suby to the truck with an industrial strength tow rope and got the truck back about 20 feet but not out of the ditch. I could then just get the front end to come out for a bit, then it would slide back in because of the angle and the slick snow. I about had it out once when the whole front end slid back in the ditch in some fresh, unshoveled snow...well crap! Crap was not my exact word but, as this is a family site, crap is gonna have to work. I was just getting dark when we got done shovelling the 2nd time. We hooked the car back up and got it out. Plenty of exercise, but not the kind we went lookin for. Below is the bitch of a ditch and the little grocery getter that did all the work. the hippie.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been Some Time

I haven't posted for like..... ever.... Bout since the last time I rode my bike. Sorry guys.

Anyway - I know the Hippie has a good post. It's just waiting out there for us. It even has some pictures; some good pictures. I'd really like to know how that post would go, if it actually showed up on here. It was an afternoon to remember.

There was snow.... There was a truck.... There was a shovel, and a half.... There was some pride.... and There was a little "grocery-getter-station-wagon".

Remember Hippie????

Saturday, January 2, 2010

off the hook for tomorrow!!

Epic Bike and Sport Given recent snow, ice & temperatures we have decided we cannot put together a complete & safe course for the Epic Holiday CX Race

Epic Bike and Sport Stay tuned to localcycling.com for a rescheduled date, tentatively Saturday, Januray 16th. We hope to see you then!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cross Off the Old Year

Cross off the old year, CX race was Thursday in Shawnee KS. From the pic below you can see that it was damn cold out. The course was in a park and they had put a lot of work on it to get it ready for the race. This was my first Cross race in crappy conditions (the way cross is supposed to be). Nate and I raced cat 4, while JP did cat 3 (I think) and Spencer did singlespeed. The Hippie pussed out on us because his mangina was hurting him..

There were 19 toed up for the Cat 4 race, starting to recognize some folks out there. Man it was cold, I could not feel my fingers about a half a lap into it. I did not feel great but good enough I guess. Started in my usual place, near the rear and worked my way towards the front. After a lap I was kinda surprised to still see the top guys in the group. I battled it out with about three guys most of the time. I had it in my head that we were doing 4 laps, so after lap 3 I hear them telling us that we have two laps to go.... SOB! I remembered thinking.....
It was a hard race and I ended up mentally just content with hanging on and just finishing this thing. While just trying to hold on, I kept coming up on people, some folks were hurting worse than I was. By the last lap I was spent, came down the home stretch and two guys I was trailing seemed to be lollygaging towards the finish. So I said the hell with it, cranked it and passed the both of them on the outside, probably the coolest finish I have been in.. Ended up 6th. Happy to be moving up..

I really think the MTB riding helped out on conditions like these. The only problem I had was clipping back into my eggbeaters. I saw tons of fellas DNF'ing because they could not clip in at all.
Nate had to DNF because he could not get into his pedals... Eggbeaters are the way to go for CX for sure.
Nate at the start.Me after lap one I think..
It got pretty tricky out there, you were kind of all over the place. I have read some blogs from guys racing and they said the course was in good condition.... So who knows...
JP, sportin the MTB for the race.
Spenser racing SS group...
JP again.
JP getting chased. This section was about the halfway point. There was a rather long downhill just before this, then a hay bail obstacle that you had to go over. This area was hard as hell to get clipped back in..
Spencer gettin it..
Now this guy raced before me in the masters group. Each lap this sob stopped and tipped one back! I think I like his style.... Wearing plad pants to boot!
Pimpin aint easy.... JP and I kickin it watching the big boys race..
Should be another cold one on Sunday.. Be nice if we can get some more fellas out there... Don't be sissy's boys... I think Hoppe is out, but don't know about anyone else..