Tuesday, March 24, 2009

jerseys are in

JP sent the jerseys up to the shop and they are ready to pick up. The bone bender in coming up soon April 18th. JP wants to get together soon for a team ride and maybe a BBQ at my house or Greg's back yard. I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, March 16, 2009

54th Street - Tuesday @ 7pm

Thought since Randy was leaving town for a month it would be good to get together before he left.
We'll be meeting at 54th Street around 7:00 pm (ladies welcome too)
Be there if you can

Racing & Driving, kinda sucks...

OK, I checked both (FT) Fat Tire Series and (PS) Psycowpath Series and here are upcoming races that are four hours or less drive time.
April 4th – (PS) Maskentine, Norfolk NE (4 hrs away)
April 19th – (FT) Le Tour de Tick, Neosho MO (3hrs)
May 2nd – (PS) River City Shootout, Bellevue NE (2hrs)
May 9th – (PS) Battle Royale, Platt River NE (????)
May 23rd – (PS) Lewis and Clark, Council Bluffs IA (2hrs)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Howsabout a work day at Krug if the race cancels?

You have the time off, the weather isn't suitable for much else, and I want to see a couple others try to keep up with Dave and his big Stihl saw running wide open. Jason and I fell behind the last time we cleaned up behind Dave. He was apparently on a mission, and succeeded quite well at keeping our a$$es busy! Let's do 3-4 hours, then get Jason to buy us lunch and beer somewhere...in fact, let's insist on it. 8am in the back of Krug on 2nd street.
the letsgetrdun hippie

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bone Bender

This is off their site:

“We have received a lot of emails regarding current course conditions for this weekends Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey. Currently the trails at Smithville Lake are closed due to recent snow fall and rains. We are watching the weather closely and hoping that any more rain stays away giving the trails time enough to dry for Saturday's event. In the event that we have to postpone the event to April 18th, 2009, we will make that final call by this Wednesday.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

need more info for bone bender & demo bikes

Jp needs shirt sizes and ages for everyone racing so we can get everyone signed up right. Marin and maybe Haro are sending us demo bikes to race at the bone bender. Marin is sending a Med. and Lrg. Mt. Vision and Haro maybe a Sonics. These are great modles for endurance racing.