Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bike patrol and race pics

Sorry i didn't let everyone know sooner but training for the bike patrol is tomorrow night at the police station at 6:30 pm. I've been a little busy with the race. I'm sure there is another time to train if you can't make this one. We have shirts being made for the patrol. It is a moisture wicking T-shirt so no front zip or pockets but it keep you cool.
Craig at Heartland racing says he was got tons of calls telling him how great the trails and race was. We have had an over whelming response to what we have got done. We are shooting for another race the week before tour of Missouri in September. Even though this won't be a heartland race they will support us by announcing it on their site. I would like to race the GS trail, I would like to have input in planning it, so just let me know. We need to use the wood donated to us by OE woods and Garfield to build some bridges!! Lets also keep up the idea of the 501c status for us we can get more donations that way.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Robidoux Roundup... wrapped up

What a wonderful day for a mtb race!... temp at start of registration was 59 degrees but felt very comfortable and there was just enough breeze to keep the bugs at bay all day.

As you can see from this picture... we had a wonderful turnout.  I'm going to say we had easily around 100 participants and quite a few spectators cheering us on.  Thanks by the way to all of those whom yelled my name in encouragement... it was heard & appreciated.  There were also quite a few supporters from the road biking community and even people I have not riden with in quite some time.  It was also fabulous to see several of the participant's families there.

I originally was thinking it was going to be closer to 7 mile laps and that sport would have to do 3 of them.  So that's what I came prepared to do... race but at the same time finish at my pace, strong, & having fun... and that's just what I did.  As a bonus, there was a few little pieces of trail that would have made for bottlenecks and which they closed off and I think the course was more fun & flowed better because of it.  Then doing only two laps was fine by me.  I'm going to venture to say that all the yocals thought the course was wonderful and I also spoke to several out-of-town participants that thought the same.

St. Joe was very well represented in multiple divisions... and sorry in advance if I get some names wrong.  Here is a shot of Rusty and I in Sport 30-39 at start of the race.  I had such a big grin that my tongue was even sticking out.  It's always a pleasure to watch Rusty kick it in turbo (he's one of the fastest sprinters I've met)... as you can see from how he started behind me and was starting to pass me.  By the way, the guy in the solid red & black jersey was the winner and I came in a close second... and ironically we are both 39 & last year in this competitive division.  I was having so much fun that when ever he and I would go by each other on a turn we'd smile and I even waved a couple of times.  Rusty finished third and not far behind me.  It was also awesome to see other yocals do really well... such as SeƱor Jim Spellman & Greg Goat whom won their respective divisions... way to go guys!  Russ and Randy also did very well and podiumed in their beginner divisions.  Of course, Randy also finished strong in his clydesdale division.  There were others yocals such as Jason & Tim whom did their first mtb race today and after speaking to them, think they enjoyed themselves... at least for the first lap.  ;0)
My son, Manuel, also raced and although there were no other competitors for his division, he pushed super hard and finished two short laps in just five minutes... even after a little wipe out in the woods!

Of course Lansen was missed... dude you would have loved the venue, people, & weather!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Randy and I trimmed everything and blew south Corby today. Randy will blow north tomorrow and we will be done with the major stuff. Jim was out de-nubbing north today also. I need help moving sticks brush and other objects out of the race path. The course looks good but we can do one better. Nubs need to be hand sawed too. All this can done from a bike.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Departing help and trail report

Elder Bradley (the crazy weed wacker with the look in his eye) is leaving today to go back to Utah. He has trimmed his fair share of trails and will be missed especially on trail day. The bridge side of North Corby would be a good place to start trimming for anyone wanting to help. I have equipment here to use, just come get it. The blower died today RIP but John from the Hi- Ho bought us a new one today so go down there and get smashed to show your appreciation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We got some work to do

We all know the big race is this Sunday. Shaun and I ran the weedeaters for a spell on Corby South. We did the lower trail by the pond, around the tennis courts, and the stuff directly on the other side of the bridge. We found some pop can sized mushrooms above the tennis court and my wife fried em up last night...a great source of pre-race energy (or so I'm told). Shaun is chainsawing some big stuff today the little handsaws wouldn't make it through. He has 2 big weedeaters that are ready to rock. It's pretty crazy what those bastards will chew through with that thick line. Kinda makes my old curved shaft Stihl look puny! We need to pitch in and get this stuff done. Saturday needs to be for rest and not for sweating our 'nads trying to do the shit work at the last minute. There are some stinging nettles above the downhill on North that are 4 feet tall that need a new home. If they get much bigger, we may have to break out the chainsaws.

People from other places have ridden the GSC trail and are raving about it. Let's show em how good a trail can be and spiff ours up to its' best.

As you know, this trail work is like prison love...it's gonna happen whether you want it to or not, so you might as well enjoy it. RT

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Pretty long day of riding for me. Felt good.

Started doing a pre-lap with Jim at N.Corby, then Rusty showed and we did N.Corby again. We headed over to GSC, did that, did Brownie Trail, then GSC again. Then headed back to Corby and met up with Jason O. Did S.N.Corby race loop. Troy showed up and Rusty took off, so Troy, Jason, and I did another race loop. By this time I was starting to feel it a little bit, so I went home. I think Oz and Tbone went over to GSC, I hope so - that trail was in good shape today. In fact, even some of the a-seepage spots weren't as bad as they have been.

None of the trails were "muddy" but every thing was tacky. Pretty good for having an inch and a half of rain 24 hours before the ride.

It has pretty much rained the entire day since I finished riding. Not that we needed it, but it should be good for the shroom hunters. BTW, ran into some shroom hunters at N.Corby - they had 15 or 20 of the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen. No one will believe this, but the heads on these things were nearly as big as a baseball. Should have got a picture...

Here's Rusty looking for mushrooms. We never did find anyway.

Saturday Ride

I plan on being at Corby around 9am.

Sounds like the Columbians will be there a little later - closer to noon. I plan to still be on the bike.

Everyone, or anyone else who wants to ride - give me a call around 9am.

Trails should be in good shape - don't let the rain Thursday night and Friday morning scare you, Corby will be fine.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Swanson Park in Omaha

Hello Guys, here is a picture from one of the Omaha trails. Lansen needs to talk a group into coming up for a long weekend of riding sometime.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Racing

Well, I sucked hind tit. Lined up at the front like I had business being there - held on for the first lap, then ate ass for the rest of the race. That's it, it's nothing but hard riding for me until I'm back in shape.

Here's a picture of me trying not to puke up a lung. I haven't felt like that for a long time. I don't think I came in last, but it had to be close in the ss class.

Oh well - aside from the butt performance on my part, the day of racing was great. The Swanson trails were in great shape and were wide, fast, flowy, and relatively smooth.

I think Jason enjoyed himself too, even though he completely destroyed his bike.... Sorry dude, hopefully that der. hanger replaces easily with no other broken parts.

Saw lots of old friends, some new ones, and got passed by a bunch of folks I've never met. If that's not enough motivation, I don't know what is.

Lots of people are looking forward to the STJ race. I think we better consider incorporating both sides of Corby. Both the experts and the sports are really fast this year. Guaranteed, south side will not be enough for them alone.