Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well guys sorry I didn't make it out this weekend for trailwork. I already had plans to meet my brother and do some out of town riding. Thought I would post some photos for those of u interested in riding at Landahl. The trails are great, just a little muddy in certain sections. I'm all for the adoption of trails as mentioned before. We need to have a group meeting sometime to intiate this process. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the weedeating continues...

I'm gonna hit the girlscout camp sat morning early and try to finish it up. Anyone else up for it? I have 2 extra heavyduty husqy trimmers, string, gas, etc... The earlier we start the earlier we'll be done. I'll be out around 6:30 am.

Another thing, it has been suggested multi times to assign sections of trail to a certain person. If they get weedy, then it is the assigned's responsibility to gwet em into shape. If you want to be a part of this, please comment below and we'll get together and divvy out areas. The trail fairy is getting tired and needs our help.

Remember: if you have time to ride, you have time to help with the maintainence of where you ride. The trail hippie

Monday, May 25, 2009

Krug Progress

Just wanted to post a few pics of the new stuff on the back side of Krug. Weedeating has been done on the new re-route of the rooted out "long climb" section and also through the new switchback sections in the pine forest area. Made it to the last switchback at the bottom of this section when I sheared the head attachment bolt in the new trimmer (guess I should have bought the Stihl!) Still have alot to do up there but if your curious you can go ride this new section (although it could stand to be hit with a blower). Also heard what sounded like another trimmer going somewhere up there when I was leaving. That's awesome if someone was up there working on some of the other sections too! Should be a blast when we get it all completed!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Krug & Gen....

Got a sneek peek at what Krug is going to look like when finished. Hoppy took Randy and I out to see what it looks like after a little weed eatin lovin, and let me tell you its going to be a blast when it gets up and going...

Weather can't get any better for riding! Trails are very nice... Thanks for all the hard work fellas...

Planning on a little ride Wed. eve if anyone is intersted: think Hoppy and maybe Lansen are in..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

GCS/ Brownie Trails

Well Randy and I have put a good dent into GSC. I worked today on GSC and completed Brownie trail with loppers and trimming as well. The trails are perfect despite all the rain we got. I have included a few pics of how it looked after all the hard work. I might get out Sunday for a ride/tree trimming ride.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a coupla riddles and some (new?) info

For all you Midwesterners out there...what's knee high by the 4th of July? That's right, it's corn. Now, what the #$%%$# is knee high now? That's right...the stinging nettles!

Now for the helpful stuff. The bike shop has moved to the Kirkpatrick building down at 7th and Francis or thereabouts. This is important knowledge because all of the powertools for our trailbuilding and maintainence that have been bought with donations are just sitting at said bikeshop. There is string for the trimmers and oil for the 2 stroke stuff. If you have your own stuff, great. If not, this stuff is for our use.

I look at it as if you have time to ride, you have time to do a little maintainence on the trails. The trail fairies that come out at night and do the work are getting tired. Give em a hand! hippie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just wanted to thank everyone who has been helping out with the weedeating.
Looks like "Tundra Twins" (Randy and Brian) were out on the GSC and Brownie today. The trails are really shaping up nicely. Appreciate all the effort guys.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday eve ride...

Headed out with the speedy twins, Lansen and Hoppy. Good lord, I tell you they are from Norwegian Cross-country stock (Two of you are probably going to get that)… Anyway, it was a wonderful eve of riding and the trails are sweeeeeeet!

Saw a ton of new faces out there, which is down right awesome.. Hey, fellas (maybe a lady or so too), on this site, don’t be bashful now, I know we don’t hear from ya much… I know the Trail-Hippy is kinda scary at first, but he aint nothing but a big ole teddy bear…

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Randy, Hoppy, Lansen and I (Jason) had some good riding out at Crowder (well, kinda). Apparently, being the geniuses we are it rained quite a bit more up in Trenton than it did down here, as it was slow goings virtually the entire time. Had to walk the bikes quite a bit.
Some parts as you can see were very wet..

Its such a nice trail system, it would have been nice if it were dry. Did I mention it was reaaaly muddy?
Some of us enjoyed the mud more than others!

Well we did not drive all that way for nothing, so we did get a couple of good hours of riding in, felt it a bit today.. Towards the end of the ride, we found some dryish riding, all and all it was still a blast...

Look, its not only me that Randy has to fix!! Here he is taking care of Mr. Speedy aka Hoppy…

Monday, May 4, 2009

Crowder - This Saturday (May 9)

Who's all up for the trip to Crowder this Saturday that RT was asking about?
Leave St. Joe around 8:00 am?