Friday, August 31, 2007

wooooo fast thursday

damn, this picture of rusty doesn't just look fast, he is going fast.

i barely had time to turn around and get this on the north bridge.

i couldn't get one of javier, he was right up my ass the entire ride. fast fast fast.

the first lap was all cool and smooth, barely broke a sweat; then we decided we wanted one more full lap before dark. bam, we were off. at first i was just going tempo, but every turn rusty and jav were about buzzing my wheel, so i started picking it up. pretty soon i was going race pace, and i don't think we were ever spaced more than about 15-20 feet. fast fast fast.

love it. love those rides. thanks guys!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday's Too?

Tuesday was a fun ride...and it was good to see a group show up. Two things were evident: 1) I'm out of shape from a lack of riding this summer; and, 2) It won't be long until we will need the lights to get in a good ride in the evenings.

I missed Wednesday night's ride...but do plan on heading out tonight. Probably will go to Corby again, but could be swayed in other directions if others think differently. I'll be there around 6 PM...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesdays are Back!

Seems like everyone has been pretty busy with life this summer, but apparently schedules are starting to open up again. We had 6 riders last night! It was a good ride too, everyone was going pretty hard, especially on the North loop. Although it was an all out, full open, leg twister - I think everyone felt like they got a good deep breath or two. I know I was sweating pretty good.

Trails were in good condition. No major blockages, besides one reroute on the South trail. There is some small debri that needs to be kicked off on a hike, but nothing that will take you down if you are paying attention.

I'm thinking about Krug tonight. Any takers? Call if interested. 752-2025

Monday, August 27, 2007

You thought this shit was ugly before

But look at it now. That's right, we're going for the ugliest page on the web. Getting close, I don't know. Probably should have ridden tonight instead of screwing around with this piece of shit.


After eating about a pound and a half of spiders on the Corby South Loop I ran into Dave, Randy, and Tom heading out for a Sunday AM ride. Stopped to chat for a bit as Randy fixed the cables that he previously put on Dave's bike, that were originally purchased from Tom. Confused? Me too, but I think the jist was that everyone in that little circle had screwed eachother in one way or another.

Here's a picture of Randy tuning up Dave's bike on the back of his car - while he tells me what a pussy I am for the previous posts this week. Excuse me for having feelings. Well, after a good cry and a group hug we hit the trails again. I had to peel off after a North lap but it sounded like the rest of the group was heading to the girlscout camp trails. Good times....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hey Guys!

Ran into Mike and Jeff at Corby North this evening. It's fun to see those guys - and I love Jeff's teal Yeti, should have got a picture of it. They helped me cut out one of the trees that had dropped in the storms this week. Trails were generally in good shape on both sides of the parkway, and there were only about 4-5 trees that made the trail impassable. There was only two that required the saw.
The big rains have brought some opportunities for improvement to light on the South trails. There are a couple steep ups and downs that have become white water washouts. On one of them I added a diverter log to send water over the side of the trail and down the hill. Hopefully no one knocks it out of the way. The other trails will need something similar, I think the water just needs to spill off the edge of the trail periodically and it should be fine.

All in all it was a beautiful ride. There were some unpleasant challenges though. The flying ants were out and I think I must have had over 100 of them in my hair by the time I got home. That's okay though, all the spiders I ran into in the trails needed a snack anyway. I think I shook 3 spiders out of my hair and jersey when I got home. Nasty.... Starting to look forward to fall and the first deep freeze. Also looking forward to day hikes in the long slow drizzles on a 40 degree day. The woods are just a completely different world on those days, and they are one of the things I have come to love about Northern Missouri.

Saw mama deer and what looks like a brand new fawn. I thought August was a little late to have a wobbly legged fawn tripping through the woods, but what do I know. I guess practically living in backyards, they probably don't have to work too hard to survive in the winter, but I imagine things would get a little rough if doe and fawn were in a little more wild area. Good luck friends.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mid-Summers Night Acoustic Prelude

Last night was like a sweet, warm cup of cappuccino. The woods were opening up, getting ready for the rain. Wildlife was also out getting ready for a good soaking. An olfactory potpourri from a thousand sources settled into the low areas and hung like fog over the river.

Everything seemed like it was in tune and on rhythm, the cicadas, birds, and crickets filled out the string and woodwind section. The adjacent neighborhood dogs provided the rhythmic brass, and 29" tires rumbling through a rigid frame provided the essential base line.

As acoustic as it gets..... Every season has its perfect ride - Last night was the one for this summer.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weeks Off

It's not just updates that I haven't been doing. I haven't ridden or maintained trails either.

After painting the house, I went to New York for a whirlwind weekend. Got to drink some of the good stuff, and see some sights - but no riding.

Since I got back I have been working quite a bit. Pretty far behind still.

Did get a chance to ride Corby on Sunday. Spent most of the 2hrs cutting out downed trees and branches, and as far as I know - all trails are now clear. Looked like most of the trees and branches had been there since the last time I rode 2-3 weeks ago - even the small stuff. Com'on gang, at least kick off the small stuff - the wheel you save could be your own.

Hoping to get out a little this week, and will try to post here and there. Sorry for the lame post, and lamer pictures.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Paint Sucks

Been off the bike for over a week now. Knees are fully recovered, so that is good.

I am in the middle of painting my house, and have vowed not to ride until it is done. Hopefully I have not bitten off more than I want to chew here.

Group is riding the trails tonight. Call down to the shop if you want in. Should be a nice cruisin' group.

Have fun sweating like crazy and munchin' spiders guys.

I have all the wood needed to get the bridges repaired at Krug. Will need some help hauling it down there and setting in place though. Any volunteers for later next week sometime?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Down hill Slide

Well the Laramie Enduro is out of the way for me. It was a mixed success. Finished about 40 minutes faster than two years ago (when I was on a full suspension geared bike vs. this year on a full rigid single speed). Even still, the field was faster and I finished 101st this year vs. 88th two years ago.

In the single speed division I locked up the 14th place, right in the middle of the pack. We started with the Pros andExperts, and I am reasonably certain that some of the ss guys were pros too. The guy that got 7th in the ss division last year came in way behind me, so I don't know what that means.

Anyway, weather was beautiful for the race, course was in good shape, and I had a great time.

My daughter made the trek with me and my mom and stepdad caravanned up too. We all visited some family afterward and that was cool too. It was a great road trip with my daughter though, we had so much fun.

Here are a couple pictures from the race. Do I look shot?

Since then I haven't ridden. Trying to get the house painted, and as usually happens it is a bigger project than I hoped or bargained for. See you when the paint is drying.