Monday, October 26, 2009

some pic's I found from Sundays CX

Hoppe kicken all our asses..
Spencer climbing out front the sand..
Brad and I doing the same, or getting ready to that is....Jim looking as nimble as a gazelle.. I think this is the one where he ran his front tire onto the obstacle.. Too old to lift your bike Jimbo?
Me, cruzin... Should wear pants next time, my chicken legs were not intimidating anyone, that's for sure..
Jspell gettin up the hill!
Me, dismount, its a good thing there wasn't any pictures of getting back on the bike.. I SUCK at that.. Turned my saddle into an anal intruder 2000... (That's what Randy tells me there called)
Brad taking an early lead...

That's all I can find... Be pretty cool if we can get more fellas out to these things... Your racing and home before 1/2:00....

CX, Smithville

Hoppe put the hurten on me Sunday... Great Job you SOB!!!!
Still can't quite crack the top half yet, but going to get there if it kills me..
Think everyone had a great time, these things are a blast.. Even JSpell had a smile on his face.

Smithville Cyclocross Festival=Final Results
Cat4 49 Starters
Place Bib Name, Cat, Age, Team, City, State

Jeffrey Lively,4,35,SKC Racing 1 101 Overland Park,KS
2 108 Andy Wiens,4,29,Unattached Manhattan,KS
3 105 Brett Coppage,4,28,SKC Racing Kansas City,MO
4 123 Kyle Skinner,4,31,Unattached Peculiar,MO
5 134 Jack Funk,4,15,Team Power Train Topeka,KS
6 147 J P Brocket,3,36,SKC Racing Raytown,MO
7 131 Cameron Rex,4,15,SKC Racing Shawnee,KS
8 116 Gabe Hoelscher,4,34,Unattached Roeland Park,ks
9 133 Carl Fischer,4,50,Sante Fe Trails Bicycle Racing Leavenworth
10 140 Adam Keck,4,29,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Leawood,KS
11 150 Ernest Rigdon,4,36, Columbia,MO
12 110 Nathan Cuka,4,35,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City,KS
13 100 Chris Hudson,4,39,Renaissance Cycling Kansas City,MO
14 132 Steve Vockrodt,4,27,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City,
15 109 Craig Hoppe,4,45,Shores Sports St. Joseph,MO
16 104 Jeremy Smith,4,39,Renaissance Cycling Bonner Springs,KS
17 107 Tyler Schumacher,4,31,KCOI Boulevard Kansas City,mo
18 103 Matt O'Neil,4,27,SKC Racing Overland Park,KS
19 142 Rick Lueckert,4,46, Smithville,MO
20 119 Mark Kern,4,39,KCOI Blvd Shawnee,KS
21 149 Prayuth Sirasudhi,4,41,SKC Racing Olathe,KS
22 113 Trent Raines,4,22,Unattached Columbia,MO
23 148 Jaime Galvan,4,39,SKC Racing Olathe,KS
24 102 Jeffrey Haug,4,42,Unattached Leawood,KS
25 106 Steve Kirsch,4,40, Leawood,KS
26 128 Jason Douglas,4,32,Shores Sports St Joseph,mo
27 122 Greg Booth,4,42,GP VeloTek Blue Springs,MO
28 126 Zeke Shepherd,4,35,Evil Kansas City,MO
29 111 Rodney Bade,4,29,Unattached Maryville,MO
30 125 Joshua Keithly,4,33,BKB Kansas City,MO
31 139 Casey Buta,4,23, Overland Park,ks
32 143 Andrew Schoen,4,35,Epic Cycling Team Platte City,MO
33 141 Eric Lamb,4,24,Unattached Olathe,KS
34 146 Damon Guinn,4,36,Unattached Kansas City,MO
35 135 Tim Claire,4,48,One Hour Racing Midland,tx
36 127 Jim Spellman,4,51, St Joseph,mo
37 115 Andrew Peak,4,22,Unattached Kansas City,MO
38 114 Spencer Klaassen,4,45,Unattached St Joseph,MO
39 118 Chad Vulgamott,4,30,KCOI Boulevard Gladstone,MO
40 136 Brian Chasm,4,26,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City,MO
41 112 Michael Pecina,4,32, Leavenworth,KS
42 145 Sean Anton,4,30,Midwest Cycling Kansas City,KS
43 415 Joe Fox,4,0,Unattached Shawnee,KS
44 117 John Lanning,4,44,Unattached Kansas City,MO
45 129 Brad Riley,4,36,Shores Sports St Joseph,MO
46 137 Steve Culver,4,35,Unattached Kansas City,MO
47 144 Scott Wrenick,4,33, Merriam,ks
48 138 Doug Bolton,4,33,Bicycle Shack Racing Grand View,Mo
49 124 Richard Bowman,4,63, Kansas City,MO

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leadville 100 Movie

Sounds like a few of the Bike Club folks are going to see the Leadville 100 movie tonight. The YouTube teaser looked pretty cool. Sorry, but I can't make it. Several of the guys are meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings around 5:00.

Movie is 7:00 at Stadium 10 $12.50.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Upcoming events: CX and 1 MTB..
10/18 - Boulevard Cup, KC (I can't make this one, but it looks like a great one) If you like boulevard beer that is..

10/25 - Smithville, MO

10/31 - Platt City, MO

11/8 - Riverside, MO

11/15 - Levenworth, KS

11/21 - Coronado Hights, KS (Wherever the hell that is) AND this is a MTB race.. Nice...

There are more that run through Dec...
I like these damn things so much I had to get a new ride! Single Speed of course.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

CX,Lawrence KS

Randy, Hoppe, Crook, Brad and I headed down to Lawrence to do a Cyclocross race. You know, we might be getting the hang of this a little bit. We changed our fat mtb knobbies to small tires and changed our gearing with helped out tremendously. Randy brought his cross bike, but its to large for him, which makes the dismounts a bitch..
The course was much better for us than Parkville as it actually had some hills to navigate...
Hoppy here dressed up for a F-ing blizzard!Hoppe actually brought out his trainer. Can't quite figure out if that was a joke or not..
Sure as hell will be one now!!! Relieving some pre race tension!!
Race underway, me on right with the red/black top, black pants..
Hoppe spoten his Shores Sports Jersey (on right), looks like he is movin over those obstacles.. Whatever they call them..
Randy (in black, 122) finishing up the obstacles..
With cat like agility!!
Hoppe going over the cow town obstacles, lookin like he has some spring in his legs still.
Hoppe looks like he has a battle goin on...
Me, same spot..
Hoppe finishing the race.. I think in 23 out of 51.. There were a bunch of fellas out there for this race.. Cat 4 by the way..
I have a lovely sprint at the end of my race, I could see this guy coming up on me I barely held on by inches...
Thus about making me toss my cookies... Seriously this Cross stuff is intense, and FUN as HELL!!
Randy Post Race!!
So we got three of us going to these things.. I think BradBob is next.. Anyone else who wants to go I am telling you they are fun... They do it by time, so we knew going into it that it was going to be a 30 min race...
BTW, I got a NICE pic of Randys pre race ritiual duce.. You would think he would learn!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Found some time to do some exploring...Sunbrige

I see Randy and Hoppe have been busy. Out with the old and in with the new. I really like the tree limb planks on the bottom half... Since I saw they did some work I decided to weed eat and do a little cutting on Corby South.. Got it looking good, maybe cut it a little wide... What do you think fellas?
If you believe that, I have a Marin Hardtail I am selling for the bargain price of $1,200....
I decided to cut out of Krug and head up to Sunbridge, I have not been there in 6 - 8 months. It is such a cool place to ride. If you have not been out there, its on Huntoon (however you spell it) Road back behind Krug. Huntoon is the road right by 229 near the casino. Sunbrige takes you though the river bluffs behind the casino/old sunset grill, etc...
This is a view from the top, the pic does not do it justice but the slope is crazy, and you have some awesome views of the Missouri River.
When you go though the entrance you come to an open field, take a right and keep going past the old graveyard (should have taken a pic of that) and follow it down to a point which will be on your left that you can drop in down to the middle/bottom level. Its here in the pic, but it does not do it any justice at all.. Its pretty steep, I was a bit timid the first couple of times...
There are so many cool areas out there.. Its the kind of place you take your time riding through. Had some more cable added to the middle section.. There is a hell of a drop off to the right.
This is "the" hill.. If you look closely you can see my bike on the right towards the top.. Once you get past that, you still have 20/30 yards left. Rusty is the only person I know who has climbed to the top.. No one has done it Single Speed.
One of the nice little climbs out... Its one of those gullys, I walk it cuz I have to...Such cool views out there, if you haven't been I suggest you do...

It is a little overgrown right now but completely ridable.. Its really got some character to it. The long downhill that spits you out down by the casino is rutted out pretty bad, so you can't go all out on it like you used to, but Its still worth the trip... Getting back to Krug on the other hand is another story..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Krug User Groups

Pat McCormick (816.244.9021) from the Northend Community Association contacted me this morning to apologize about the lack of coordination between user groups regarding construction of the new bridge along the switchbacks just north of the main park trail. He said he had his guys lower the hand rails for bar clearance. He offered to remove the bridge after their event if that's what the bikers want. He said all the trail work has helped them and he wants to work together in the future... even offered to help with fundraising and/or manpower if needed.

Pat would like to talk to Craig as soon as possible, so Craig, please contact him when you get a chance.

I'm trying to get the parks department to designate a single point of contact for all the park/trail user groups, so these types of miscommunications don't happen in the future. I'm afraid that up to this point, multiple parks staff have just been saying OK to whatever is presented to them... with no knowledge of what others are planning or already have underway.

Everyone please be patient and considerate of others as many people have a vested interest in Krug Park. Thanks

Monday, October 5, 2009

Boss Cross (aka) WTF am I doing? RANDY!

OK, Randy calls me on Saturday and shames me into a cross race.. What could go wrong? Huh...
First off' I now can barley walk (knee) but won't get much into that. AND did you know they don't give out effen T-shirts?!?! If I only had found that out BEFORE I went down there, I could have spared a little pain and suffering. This is our nice course. Not a single hill out there, 30 min of straight peddling for us... 45 for JP.. After we register this is what I came back to the truck with.. These roadies take this shit seriously.. Look at this dude, people are warming up on trainers, they bring out multiple bikes and wheelsets... Seriously... I aint a kiddin ya...
This is how you pre race warm up.. Dude, you take a crap and you go ride.. Trainers, we don't need no stinkin trainers!!!!!
J P all ready to go, in his matching roadie gear from head to toe..
Randy and I had the ONLY mountain bikes out there.... That minus our not being in our matching roadie gear, we stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl..It was about the time I took this picture that I realized that the two of us have just brought our knives to a gun fight...
The Hippy ready to rock and rolls!!
Not sure how JP fared in his two races, needless to say he was smokin laps quicker than we were. Randy and I raced in the single speed class, he fared a bit better than I did. I beat one person!!! Awesome!! The combination of fat tires and geared (33/18 - they were geared about 36/16 or higher) for mountain bike trails did not help us out very much. Randy doesn't think that mattered much, but F him.. It did.. That's why he beat me, he had a skinny tire on the back... (Randy, insert retort here)
All in all, it was a great experience and I do plan on doing it again.. Not on a mountain bike however.. Daddy needs a single speed cross bike....
JP, thanks for getting us off our asses and heading down with ya....