Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trailwork Saturday anyone...Buehler?

The Crookster and I will be finishing up the roughing in of the Girlscout camp trail this Saturday. It'll be a little slushy, but nothing will be frozen to the ground. I have Sunday and Monday off as well, if anyone is up for clearing stuff at Krug. Come on...show up and do some work like you got a pair! Thank you for your continued support, RT

P.S. It's not a fer-shur yet, but the race Sunday will likely be cancelled because of the thawing conditions. Yay...trailwork for everyone!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trail Conditions

Well I tried! North Corby anyway. Crusty crunchy snow, no tracks other than the animals.
It really was not very good. It was ride fifty feet walk twenty. I think I made about 1/4 mile before jumping on the bike path and riding for a while. Tomorrow, maybe a road ride with knobbies.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trail clearing at the river

The Crookster and I did about 5 hours at the river today with 2 chainsaws and alot of wet snow. We parked his car at the Highland/Waterworks intersection and went to the Sunbridge parking lot in my truck. That saved walking back to the parking lot after busting hump all day. The trail is free of brush and deadfalls all the way down now. The 1st 3 hours was kinda fun...the 2nd half of our adventure blew monkey balls but we just wanted to get it done. There was alot more work to be done than I thought. Doing that section when it's dry out with a BOB trailer behind a bike would prob be the best plan of attack. My feet hurt and I'm going to bed. RT

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Team logo

This is our team's new logo. We might change it once we get in better shape. RT

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crusty snow today

Jason, Dave, and I tried the trails today. All we got was crusty snow this morning. Tough ass riding to be sure. We ended up riding the road behind Krug, going across 229, and going over to the river from the casino area to the old casino area and back to Corby. It was a great day to be outside even though trail riding wasn't in the cards. Spellman said more stuff was down in old Corby that needs to be hit with the chainsaws. We have alot of work ahead...getting our fat asses in racing shape for some of us and trailwork for all of us.

I hope everyone will show on March 2nd for the first Heartland series race at Landahl. Give it some serious thought. Racing isn't live or die type shit, but it is serious fun! Peace, RT