Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday riding and stuff

Mr. Crook and myself had a most excellent ride on the Corby trails and both Girlscout trails yesterday. A month of surfing has NOT helped my cycling fitness. I coughed hard once and Crook got a piece of lung stuck on his Oakleys. Andy Clements had the poles delivered to Krug. He also said he can get a bobcat to drag what we want where, but just maybe on a Friday afternoon. We need to know what we want where, have it cut and ready, and they will do the dragging. The nettles are already getting tall on North, as witnessed by my itching legs today. Weedeating is in our near future. Howsabout a Crowder trip on May 9th? That's a Sat I think. They have real showers and shitters for those of you with tender bums.Peace

Monday, April 20, 2009

Utility Poles for Krug

There is now a big pile of utility poles up at Krug. It will no doubt take some serious manpower and perhaps a 4x4 quad to get them into the trails. Fun...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bone Bender

Race ON!
The Bone Bender 3/6 hour is running rain or shine. The awesome Smithville Trail Crew is prepping the course today and hoping the rain stays south as predicted right now. We may get some precipitation, but we will be running the race either way. We've got 70+ registered racers so we will probably see the field swell to well over 125 by race time.

Good luck to everyone who is going!!! Wish I could be with ya.

Someone please post how it went when you get back.. Smooth is fast! Or so I have been told anyway..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Riding...

It was a great day to ride.. Headed out with Brad and Brian. All the trails looking are looking good…

Saw JSpell out there and heard that Don was out somewhere also… I know there were more, sorry if I missed you on here.

Looks like there is no rain forecasted till Sat… Good luck to everyone racing this weekend…

Also, got a update from Randy in Florida… He is working out hard surfing, will be in fine shape when he gets back.. Sent a pic.. Is that a lawn chair and speedo's?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope you got a ride in this weekend..

Looks like its going to be wet this week…

Saturday was perfect; Jim, Brad and I got a good ride in. Well, at least Jim and I did, we think Brad had the brown bottle flu. Did all 4 trails and they are in pretty good shape.
Back side if Girlscout has some wet spots but other than that the riding was nice.

Thought I would put a pic in here for those of you who have not been out.. Just a little reminder..

This is called a singletrack... Say it with me... Seeienglle traaack...

I am getting pretty pumped, spring is going to be here soon... The hill by the tennis courts on Corby S. is pretty tough right now, its soft and rutted out.. But at least when your out of breath cussing yourself because your not in shape, you have time to take a pic.

Where is Robert Frost aka. Lansen the poet biker when you need him?

All of you going this weekend, good luck, 2 1/2 hours kicked my ass.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ride on monday race soon

Well is it going to snow any more? that darn global warming. Jp wants to get together for a mtb ride monday night or urban ride if the trails are too wet or snowy. We need a head count for the Bone bender race on the 18th, just post here. Jp has a new blog with team info on it check it out.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Utility Pole Update

I met with KCP&L regarding donation of old utility poles. The available supply is less than stellar as far as length of poles and the donation is in the hands of their legal dept for now.
If I understood correctly, their regular clean up contractor was already given the green light to pick up the entire supply, thus if the donation isn't approved quickly, there may not be any poles available.

Regarding lengths, there are a couple poles perhaps in the 24ft range and maybe a few more around the 16ft we needed, but otherwise most of the stock is less than 8ft... or much shorter. In other words, our wish list of 28 poles at least 16ft in length won't be happening anytime soon as far as KCP&L availability. I do appreciate the consideration they're making. I hope to hear back soon.

I suggest that the mtb group start searching for alternative sources or materials.