Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perry Lake Race

Rusty, Jim, and I cruised over to Perry Lake today and raced. Pretty hot, but we had a great time. I tried out the new single speed. It did great. I thought the head set was loose for the first lap, but it turned out to be that the front wheel quick release was loose. Thank goodness I stopped and checked it, or there could have been trouble. Lost about 4 minutes screwing around with the headset, but still pulled a relatively solid 4th place.

Saw CVO from Lincoln. He pulled out a 5th place in one of the expert divisions. Good job dude.

Jim nailed a 4th place in the Sport Masters. Nice job man!

Rode behind Roxy from Omaha for awhile (the women experts took off before the ss class). She took 1st place in her division. Always kickin ass.
There's Ryan from Omaha in 4th place in one of the expert divisions. Rode with him for awhile too. He somehow pulled out that podium place after 2 flats.

Anyway. Fun trails. Fun bike. Hot weather. Good friends, new and old.

Later, LM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Look what I did to this PC-1 chain...

Note the cracked roller barrel in this one.

In this one, several of the barrels had shattered off all together, leaving only the inner bearings. There were probably 15 links like this. As far as I can tell it all happened in one ride. The chain was about a year old, so it had seen a few hard miles on two different bikes (first frame was broken during this chain's life span).
I tell you, those Sram PC-1 single speed chains are tough.... Still, never have witnessed anything like it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pics from the weekend

Weather in the 80s on Sat... Wednesday was hot:

Fast trails at Corby:

GPS courtesy of Dr. Adam!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Still Truckin

Didn't make the ride last night at Corby. I ended up mowing the lawn and eating an entire pizza. Training has kicked into high gear.

Got an email from Adam with a map of Corby North. I will probably post it tonight. I might also be able to get Krug on a map tonight too. We'll see.

Planning to ride Corby South and North after work at around 5:15, if any one cares to join me.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday Nite is Back

Rode with Rusty and Shawn last night. Weather was perfect, trails were too.

Ran into Don also. Them were some sweet yellow wheels.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Corby south is groomed and fast. Thanks Randy, nice work. Most of the big logs are cut out too. Randy again? Thanks!

Corby north is looking pretty good too. Getting faster every day.

Only one down tree, kind of a big one.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Corby North Upper Section

Corby North has been trimmed on the South side of the Clearing and through the clearing. I know a lot of people were confused about how the grass section flows. I think everyone will be clear on what is going on now.

To start the North section; head east on the bike path until you see a park bench on your left. Shortly after you pass the park bench you will see a service road that goes up to the clearing. Turn left onto this and take the first trail off the service road (the trail will be on your right). This right turn will start you on the curvey ascent into the clearing. You should be able see where everything is going from there on.

The only other section that still needs to be cut is in the middle of the North section. Just keept your eyes open for flags, and you will be able to pick it out.

Have fun!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Destination Riding

We are so lucky!

It's wet out - no doubt about it. My yard is like a wet dish sponge. There is still water draining down my street from all the moisture over the last week. Even still, Corby is tacky and fast. Everything is rideable, nothing is slick, and the tires are relatively clean after a ride.

The new sections are coming together. Most of the North half of Corby is visible trail without the flags. There are a couple sections that are still kind of confusing and that need to be weed whacked, but we are getting pretty close. Thanks to everyone that has been riding the trails.

I haven't been to Krug for about a week, but the last time I was there it was in excellent condition.

I haven't been to Sunbridge for several weeks. Last time I was there it was in great shape. Trail.s were clear and clean. No washouts to speak of. the only areas that were kind of rough was where the 4-wheelers had been riding.

Shawn lent me his GPS to map out the trails. First I need to figure out how to work it. Then I will map the trails. Then I will link the trail maps to the site. Then all the out-of-towners can come ride here on the weekends. More riders means less maintenance to keep trails open, which means we can build more new trails.

We are so lucky.

Snapped a couple pictures today. Don't know why, but these turned out okay. Even the couple that I snapped while riding (which is tougher than you might think).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Rode with Rusty and a new rider, Jesse on Monday. Managed to get another stick in the drive train, which actually destroyed some stuff this time. Really starting to rub me the wrong way. Still have the single speed that I can ride, and if it comes to it, I can pull out the cross bike. What a pain.... What a pain.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Corby Trail Report

Rode the Corby trails front and back today. Cut out all of the trees that are down, with the exception of the one on the decent to the pond (it was too big to cut through with my saw).

The North side is also cleared of down timber. The trails are also starting to break in. Keep riding them, it won't be long before they are fast.

Who ever has the "trail work leaf blower", please give me a call. The trails at Krug and Corby both need too be blown. Sticks have now blasted two drive trains for me.... and I'm tired of it.

I didn't take any pictures today, as it was kind of a turd of a ride. Cutting timber, dog ate a bunch of pooh, wrapped another stick through the drive train, and got a flat in the front. Really though, trails were great on the pond side; and the North trails are developing way faster than I thought they would.

Well Happy Easter. Hope everyone has a good one. I'm sure the Easter Bunny has been working hard on something for you.
And I bet his delivery team is on their way.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Weekend Rides

Friday: Lansen, Rusty & I were looking at meeting around 4:45 PM at the Corby trailhead... all welcome.

Saturday: Not sure if will ride... I might be up for ride to Crowder, leaving earlier, if there are others who want to go... I'd personally rather go on Sunday when it's supposed to be 10 degrees warmer.

Sunday: Depends on what happens Saturday?...

From the Ashes

Got the bike all fixed back up. Ran it through Krug and things were great.

Heard Brian fixed the bridge. Thanks man - that sucker is stout this time.

Also heard there is a contingent looking to go to Crowder on Saturday. Post something if you know more.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Good News, and the Bad

Had just enough time for 1 lap at Krug last night. Was bust'in ass to get through on time to get back for a movie with the family.

The good news is that I Stopped briefly to admire someone's handy work on the bridge that had been destroyed. It is all fixed now, and even better than it was before. Thank you masked man.

The bad news is that I hit a ghost stick (which I never did find). It jumped into my rear derr, twisted the derr cage, bent the hanger clear backwards, mangled a couple spokes, and twisted the chain. After some serious cussing and banging on things I got the bike to where it could ride out of the park, albeit with limited gear range.

Got home, missed the movie, wife was pissed, spent the rest of the night in the basement bending steel and aluminum. Eventually got things working again, but pretty much destroyed the paint job in the process.

Guess I won't be selling this frame in the near future.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

North Corby Trails

Rode all the new trails, at least what I could find, and these also handle rain very well... didn't even get the bike muddy. ;0) Removed down branches & cut small vines where I could. This is my first time riding them and it is evident that others have been also. The sections north of the bridge need the riding more so. I recommend running higher pressure in these trails until we get them nice and smooth.
Very exciting thinking about these trails reaching the same level as the ones on south side. Again, very nice!

Monday, April 2, 2007

After the Storms

The dirt is great right now but there are trees down.

Krug has small stuff on the trail. I pulled most of it off to the side. The plank bridge nearest the waterfall still needs to be repaired from the teenage punks that destroyed it. It looks safe, but it is not. Do not ride it!

Corby is in good shape other than 3 or 4 large trees that are down. A couple will require a chain saw. Anyone interested?