Sunday, March 28, 2010

It looks dry up ahead...Yeah Right!

Criag and I are gravel roading it up by Fillmore and have to go across some bottom land by the Nodaway River. We can either go across the bottom or backtrack a few miles. We could see the road was wet and not yet driven on. Craig takes off and is actually making progress. I made NO progress, what with my vee brakes and no clearence. I CARRY my bike to Craig and he says he thinks it looks drier ahead. Holy Crap! That stuff was straight up freaking Gumbo...the stickiest stuff this side of Hell! We had to hoof it across that bottom and then clean the bikes on the other side with sticks. All in all, a helluva way to blow an hour. The hippie

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hope these pics bring back some memories for those of us who were lucky enough to follow RT to the Lazy Lizard. Wow this place hasn't changed a bit. A definite must place to stay for those who haven't. I'm sure RT would be happy to take another group down to this fine establishment. Brian

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lawrence River Trails Race Postponed

Just received an email from Curtis Martell informing us that the race in Lawrence on March 28th has been postponed due to the 6" of snow they got this weekend and the upcoming weather outlook for the week. The race will be rescheduled but a new date has not been decided upon yet. I'll let you know when I hear something.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I pitty the foo who did not get out yesterday!

Holy Sheet! Hit the trials with Randy yesterday and it was eveything I hoped it to be! 60 plus degrees, wearing shorts and just a jersey....
We hit up both croby's, girlscout and brownie, they were nice, only a few muddy patches.

I was surprised that we did not see anyone else out there.. I guess its a good thing when your riding with somone whearing these!

On another note, got an email that they are letting all the wait list folks into the
Dirty Kanza 200!!! be careful what you wish for huh... I am afraid this ones going to hurt..

Too bad that when registraion was going that all you jackasses were thinking your going to get into leadville. So I am going to have to go to this one solo...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its been a while..

OK, I have been lazy on the posts. Been riding plenty though.. Met up with the Hippy last Sunday and did another gravel grinder. 4 hours plus!! legs were pretty beat up after that..

The weekend before last we got a nice road ride in. had a pretty good group, Randy, Crook, Thad and a friend of his. Got some good miles in plus my favorate hill climbs in town. Huntoon, 2nd Street, Broadway and that one in the south end, can't remember the name.. Brooklyn or something like that...
Anyway, after the main ride we were racing back to the cars and decided to take the river trail back. I was trying to beat eveyone back to the car, took a corner wide and when jumping back onto the pavement, boom, endo into the sidewalk!!!

Did not hurt anything, more importantly did not hurt the bike!

On another note, got my mtb up and running, can't wait for the single track to dry!
Came over to the bike build and see this monstrosity on a jet ski in 25 degree weather!!!

But more importantly! Got a new Kona Unit SS frame and a Stans wheelset ready to go! Nice to have a mtb under 30lbs for once!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sat? morning? ride? 3+ hours? Takers?

Lets plan on a loooong ride come Saturday morning. Not sure if the gravel will be a sloppy mess, but I would sure like to get back on it.. Anyone up for it?

Maybe if the gravel is too sloppy, we can hit up the north end!

Regardless, we need to get in some long hours in the saddle! Bone Bender is next month!