Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well I have been neglecting everything lately. Been pretty busy. Sorry for no posts, no pictures, no nothing over the past week. Haven't been riding either - I'm all out of shape and it sucks.

Here is a race that is coming up in Lincoln at the end of April. It is becoming a big stage race in the region that is begining to attract Pros and people from all over. I definitely recommend checking it out if you want to try some tough road racing this year.

6th Annual Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic
Saturday & Sunday, April 21-22, 2007
Individual Time Trial - Road Race - Circuit Race
Raymond & Lincoln, NE

$6000 Cash Prize List!

Complete information available on March 5.

Pre-registration required! Registration will be available by mail and online.
Registration opens on @ 12:00p.m. CST, March 19.

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....MAYBE?!"

Yes, it's that time to remove your studded tires and throw on your favorite mud slinging pair... and fenders would be nice also... I know I will.

Heartland Series' first race at High Noon this Sunday will hopefully not be canceled. Check their website Saturday evening to verify & keep your fingers crossed.

Come one, come all... and don't forget to bring protective eye wear!! Lansen, now is when I wish we had prototyped a pair of those highly breathable pair. If they don't cancel the race, I might just drill tiny holes into old pair like we talked about.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Upcoming Races

Well, there are a whole bunch of races coming up. This year I'm looking at three series.

  1. Nebraska Psycowpath NORBA series
  2. MO/KS Heartland Series
  3. MO/KS Midwest Fat tire Series

Some dates seem to be conflicting with personal comittments for me, but I should be able to get between 7 and 10 races under my belt this year.

I think I'm in a wedding the weekend of the Kanza, so probably won't make that one. Plenty of other races available this year though. Between the three series, I'm pretty sure you could do at least 2 races per weekend from April through September if you wanted.

Noted that there are no races in St. Joseph this year. Seems like a bit of a shame, since we have several great trails here - and a whole bunch of guys willing to do trail work.

If there are interested parties, I bet we could get on the Nebraska Series in place of the Indian Caves race that was deleted from this year's schedule. We know Krug is a great race course, and Corby would be an excellent venue too - although the start/finish would be difficult to set up safely with the parkway running right there.

Hiking at Corby Extension Loop

Jogged the Corby Extension loop yesterday. It was pretty cool. Saw some deer and lots of birds. It was nice to get out.

Trail near the bike path heading into the sunset.....

Heading East, looking at the old tree house........

Trails are clear, but there will still be a lot of work before they are fast. Lots of grooming to come.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hiking Landahl Park Tomorrow

I'm planning on leaving tomorrow morning around 9AM for Landahl to do some recon of what I'll assume will be the race course next weekend... I haven't seen a posting of the race course on Heartland Series website...actually they changed the home page quite a bit this year and there doesn't appear to be much for links yet. I have to be back around 3PM and up to three are welcome to ride with me.
I've thought about taking the bike w/ studded tires and riding but think I will stick with hiking... who knows what conditions will be like and plus it's clean right now!... might as well save it till race day when it could turn out to be a very sloppy first lap. ;0)
If anyone interested in going tomorrow you can call my house tonight at 387-8022.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Laramie Enduro Race is Coming!!!!

The Laramie Enduro date has been announced. I will be trekking up to Wyoming for the 28July start date. Two years ago I did a tour of Nebraska trails on the way there. It was ahellova trip. Wasn't in good enough shape to do it last year, but am hoping I will get enough saddle time this year to play in the same sand box as these guys.

The race is 111km through some of the toughest and most amazing terrain I have ever seen. Met some interesting people, had some enduro induced hallucenations, got lost at one point, and almost quit a couple times, even saw a bear the night before. It is a great test of stubborn bullheadedness.

Here's the link -

Krug Conditions

Rode Krug yesterday.

It was very slick, and I probably could have walked it faster. In fact, with melting temperatures today, and many slick spots already, I might go for a hike today and call it good. Not willing to risk a broken bone for a mediocre ride. Seems like snow and ice has disappeared from most of the forest floor, except on the trails. Not sure what that is all about.

Slick trails - started doubting myself....

Very Slick Crossing - Didn't even try this one, barely made it across on two feet....

Waterfall was pretty cool - All frozen up.....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rides this weekend

I am going to get out for a bit at 10:30 this morning. Might give Krug a try on the new On-One frame. It is a whooping 30 lbs built, but I bet I won't break this one.

I would like to ride Sunday too. What time is everyone rolling? Maybe 10:00?


Congrats Spencer

Heard Spencer finished a hell of a race. Hopefully he will post a story and some pictures.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Great Day

This was a great day. I had a great crew working this weekend that opted to work late Friday and Saturday nights, get ahead of schedule, and take Sunday off. My hat is off to those guys.

Sunday morning was a trail work day. I was late, but Dave, Randy, and Jim were out there for over 3 hours. Near as I can figure all the trails are cut. Randy is a trail cutting animal.

Wrapping it up for the day:

Then, we did some biking. It was hard going in some spots, but well worth the effort. Had some great climbs, really enjoyed the trails, and was feeling lucky just to have such great weather for a ride. By far the best part was getting to know another couple St. Joe mountain bikers. Can't wait to get together for some long trail, dirt road, and maybe even road rides in the up-coming months with all my new friends - good guys every one.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ice and snow

If you are going to ride the trails on Sunday, be careful! They are very icy in spots. I rode this afternoon and it really wasn't to bad temperature wise, unless you are fast, then the wind chill gets wicked! ( not to bad for me, I never got out of granny gear) Hope to see you in the morning!

Trail Work Day

Stopped in at Forces of Nature to check on the new build. Got to chat'n with the guys and learned that there is a trail work day tomorrow at 8:00 AM. Doesn't look like I will have to work, so I plan to be there for at least part of the action. Might try to get there early to run the dog and ride the older trails first.

Work will be across the street, North of the existing Corby trails.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

cold but not out

I spoke to Roger from the city today he is waiting for the temp to be 40 degrees for a few days. He wants the snow to be melted some also. He is puting in the grant proposal for the bridges soon. So just hang in there it will be soon when the prisoners will be clearing trails for us.