Saturday, January 31, 2009

70 Degrees! Did you ride today?

Did anyone make it out to the trails today? I worked, so I missed the fun. How were the trails?
Anyone riding in the morning? (early or?)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Heartland Racing: Good Times Tour

After the suggestion of hosting a Heartland MTB tour up here, I thought I would just shoot them over an email for the hell of it.
So, now if you read below is a done deal(ish), we need to start figuring out when would be the best time to do it.
I emailed her back saying that early spring would not work as Krug will not be ready.
Our local hippy rednecks need to build 132 bridges to make all the trail cutting work!!!!

On another note, we actually had a decent turnout Sat doing trail work freezing our bojangles off.. Of course Hip and Hop leading the way.....

Let me know your thoughts and I can get back to her.......

Subject: RE: Heartland Racing: Good Times Tour

Sounds good! When would you like to host one?

From: Jason Douglas []Sent: Thu 1/22/2009 11:59 AMTo: Amber ChambersSubject: Heartland Racing: Good Times Tour
This is an enquiry e-mail via from:Jason Douglas

We would love to host one up here in St. Joseph! We are re-routing Krug Park right now and built a new trail system last winter. Once that is finished we are going to have three seperate trail systems. All of which you can ride to.

Let's do the Polar Bear Plunge

It's at Lake Contrary on Feb 7th at 2pm. Ya gotta raise 50 bucks. This may be where a clydesdale has the advantage! Come on you sissy boys and girls, let's do it! If I can ride my fat a$$ up the hills, you skinny people can come and play in the H2O with me.
The frostbitten hippie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trail Work - Saturday AM - Krug

Meeting at the top of Krug for more you know what....
Saturday - 8:00 AM
Chainsaws, loppers, rakes, etc
Please post if you can help

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

March 14th!! Its on...Hopefully...

Registration is Open
Registration is now open for the Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey.Visit the Registration link on the right or go to Sports Base Online.Free event t-shirt and ticket for some sweet SWAG with each entry.

Monday, January 19, 2009

conformation and finalizing jerseys from JP

St. Joe Team Order
Here is the list for the team order from the blog:
Scott (Pool Dude) Med.
Jim Spellman XL
Brad Bob Lg.
Russ Dog XL.
Kyle Lg
Adam XL.
Greg Lg
Ian Sm.
Kelly M. Med.
Savanna xs
Nick XL
Greg Med.
Shawn F. Med.
Jason XL
Derrick XL
Emma XL
Lansen lg.
David C. XL.
Craig Lg
Larry XL
Randy T. XXL
Mike Ratcliff XL
Outside St. Joe
JP Lg. x 2
Eric XLg
Jeff S. XXL
Bob Locke Lg.
Bill Mc. XL
Gary M. Lg.
I have ordered 2 S. / 2 Med. / 2 Lg. and 2 XL jerseys in case we have some new members or someone who needs another jersey. We can do another order mid year if we need to or if the demand is high?
That makes 28 team members, not a bad start!
Please get your jersey checks to Shawn ASAP or Mail to me ASAP. I will be by to get the money from Shawn over this next weekend or early next week. I am submitting the order Tomorrow a.m.


HOLY CRAP, what a turnout!

23 outta 26 team members came and worked on the trails Sunday morn. I tried to get a pic with the phone but it just wouldn't capture the whole scene. Yep, everyone was there but...YOU! the a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words hippie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trailwork Sunday, any of you 25 team members?

Sunday morning trailwork anyone? Sat is out for me, as we are doing a last xmas dinner Sat noon. Come and pray with a chainsaw in your hand! The woods-are-my-church hippie

Monday, January 12, 2009

jerseys, race team, I need your size

This is a e-mail from JP Shores about the race team and jerseys. Speak now or forever hold you peace. I have the following people down for these size jerseys, let me know soon if I haven't included/excluded you or got your size wrong.

Craig L
Larry XL
Randy XXL
Mike Ratcliff XL
Nick XL
Greg M
Shawn M
Derick Boos?
Emma Boos?
Kyle Boos?
Dave Crook?
Brad Bob?
Dr. Adam?

Any one else?


Could you please e-mail me names and sizes for the jerseys. I will probably order some extra size large and a couple xl in case we get some additional riders to join as the season gets closer. The cost of the jerseys will be $35.00 for the first jersey, if anyone wants a second jersey it will be reg. cost of $45.00.

Bib shorts and regular shorts are also available. I will need to check on the cost of those items? We are saving some of the money for entry fee's to some select local races in the area for 2009. I would say that the first 3/6 hr. race in Smithville would be a team race and anyone who can race, there entry or any two person team for the 3/6 hr. race will be covered as long as they are on the team. Requirements are to purchase a jersey.

I would like to get all of this together and place the final order by the end of the week. The products will be her within 8 weeks of the final order. If you want to collect the checks and then just write me one check that is fine, we will just need a list of names and sizes to place the order.



This costs so please don't stiff us if you say you want a jersey. Paying for that one 3/6 race is the jersey's cost alone. Please let me know soon!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Corby Night Life

Juston and I took a brief stroll Wednesday night.

My limited experience on the the trails is evident in the attached photos.
Took a couple of turns too fast and of course couldn't resist the opportunity for some trials.
Juston faired a bit better with only a minor mishap while passing under a low tree limb.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Trail Work This Saturday - Krug

How about a trail work day this coming Saturday? I'd like to meet up at the top of Krug around 8:00 am.
Hoping to get the middle switchbacks and the new extensions to the existing switchbacks rough cut along with possibly the new tie in trail leading out of the existing switchbacks back down to the old red bridge trail. I hope to have all of the final flagging completed this week so we should have plenty to work on.
On Saturday I flagged the new upper switchback section that eliminates the "Brokeneck Bob" trail and re-routed the washed out parts of the two remaining outer trails. Kind of broke my heart to do away with the washed out rooted sections but we really had no choice. The new upper section through the pine forest is going to be really fun though and will also add some pretty good length to the trail.
I have tried my absolute best to lay out the new sections with singlespeeders in mind. My goal is to have the entire loop completely singlespeed rideable in at least one direction.
I plan to map out (gps) the entire loop once the rough cutting is done to to determine actual length but at this point I'm hoping for a good 6 plus miles.
It looks to be cold on Saturday so bundle up!
Please let me know if you can make it up to help.