Friday, June 27, 2008

Ideas for tour and need for help

Well the lawn service.... I mean bike shop is hopping. We are getting lots of new commuter beginner riders. I'm still poor so no raking me over the coals. I have got some great discounts from Marin on Road and Mt. frames. Well enough trying to sell everyone stuff. Tommey Dwyer made the suggestion to have a swap meet because everyone has stuff they want to get rid of. I'm thinking of the weekend before the tour of Mo. I will NOT be having a Mt. bike race before the tour there is not enough time for me to get everything done, we will just have to wait till next year. We will be having guided tour rides of the trails before the tour, I will need volenteers to help lead them and clear them. We might put together a camping feastival/camping at Corby at the race field the weekend before the tour.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My most humble apology to all

I rode the local trails Mon night with Jason and had an epiphany. The trails are overgrown and in poor repair, as was stated in earlier posts. It just hit me that Mr. Force is probably running a lawn service with all the equipment that he bought with donated money from various businesses around town. I noticed last Saturday at the shop that Greg was very evasive as to Mr. Force's whereabouts, stating he was procuring consumables from the local Hispanic fast-food establishment. I'm theorizing he was really out making some bank with the "trail working" equipment. Please be comforted by the fact that I am seeking out each of the "sponsors" and informing them of Mr. Force's shenanigans. We will put a stop to his capitalizing on use of the equipment bought strictly for trail work. This being said, please realize it is theory and there is no hard evidence to back it up. The strongest argument I have is the belief that none of the people that ride our local trails would allow them to degrade to their present state if free access was available for the right tools allowing the proper maintenance to be done. I simply have to conclude that people are wanting to use the tools, and Mr. Force is turning them away. Thank you for your time and I again apologize for not keeping closer tabs on Mr. Force's activities. Sincerely yours, Clyde S. Dale

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Trails

So the camera on this phone sucks. I can never get a good picture - not that this one was going to be much to look at anyway, but they are all blurry all the time. Need to figure out how to hold still.

Trails are in decent shape. Some trees continue to fall, but it looks like folks have been pulling branches off to the side when they do. I came tearing around a corner on a super quick cheater ride before dark last night and just about nailed a downed tree just down trail of the first clearing at Corby South. Nearly scared a turd out of me. Stopped and pulled it off the trail, must have been hollow, cause it wasn't very heavy for how big it was.

Should be a good night tonight. Might try to make it out for a little while - hope to see some folks there????

Friday, June 13, 2008

Saturday Ride

So - because my contractors kick ass, we are on schedule and I get the weekend off. I'll be at Corby at 8AM to do some riding. I'm in crap shape, I've put on weight, and I can't remember where I left my bike - but I'd love some company.

I have to be home by 11:30, but I figure if we keep it steady and there's not too much trail damage we can get through most of trails in that time.

Call if you want....



Thursday, June 12, 2008

On-Going Maintenance...

Well guys - with the monsoon season upon us, we all need to be a little vigilant while out riding. Everyone should have a folding hand saw on them during a ride. Also, if everyone kicks a few branches off the trail everytime they ride, no one has to spend their entire ride time cleaning up the trails.

By the end of the night on Tuesday, the Corbies were in good shape. I'm sure with the storms last night things are a mess again. No one needs to be a super hero, everyone just needs to stop and do a little on each ride.

This is the folding Corona Hand Saw. $20 at Lowes. It is the fastest cutting, lightest, best saw I have found. The blades do break sometimes though.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tree Down!

Hey all! I noticed tonight that there is a tree down on Corby north. Its down just before the bridge if you are heading south. Corby south , GSC and the brownie are all clear with a few greasy spots but it is all 100% ridable! Two people can definitely move the downed tree , but there is some weed wacking and trimming that needs to be done. Can we set aside a day for all of us to set our bikes aside and knock it all out? Everyone leave some comments so we can get an idea of when we can all get together!