Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Only a handful of CX left.... Get your fill, it's now or never fellas..

Just think, this could be you this weekend... If your lucky!

2010 coming to a close and its been a hell of a ride! Three CX races left on the calender for this season and then its time to get back your focus to MTB and some singletrack.. CX is such good cross training for MTB racing, each year I end up in better and better shape come January and February... Which in turn means I get faster and faster come June and July...

The weather looks like its going to raise to the 40's for Cross off the old year on Friday.. Possibility of some rain too... Do we have the makings of a "real" cross race in some mud????
I know the hippy and I are planning on making an appearance..

"Friday, December 31st the 'crossers hit it again at CROSS OFF THE OLD YEAR. Expect a BIG run up and a BIG party at the venure:"

Then, two days later.. Out at English Landing, Parkville. Where the hippy and I first caught the CX bug at Boss Cross with our mountain bikes (with our trail riding gears)... First cross race ever and were pushing 34x18 on the flattest course around... Anyway....

"Sunday, Jan 2nd a return to classic turf in Parkville's English Landing course with the EPIC HOLIDAY CYCLOCROSS."

And then finally, " Sunday, Jan 9th the finale of teh Series 60CX: GROTE PRIJS SHAWNEE/"

Hope to see some of you there... My tentative plan is to make it Friday and then again next Sunday... Its been fun!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted.. Which we all know is bike parts, etc......

Friday, December 17, 2010

CX National Champ.

Cycling is a fickle thing... Those that are really good at it make it look so easy. I think that's why you have to ride to be able to really appreciate those who can suffer like no one else... Well that an a VO2max of 94..

Pulled this from Todd Wells website, its worth a gander...

U.S. Cyclocross Nationals from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

JingleCross Rock Race Report..

Jingle Cross Rock....Rocked!

This last weekend was yet another Epic weekend of racing in Iowa! This was the 2nd year that I have done this race. It was by far the toughest event yet for me, but also one of the best pro fields to witness live! We started out on Friday mid morning with the Hippie Mobile picking me up in Osceola at the in-laws. The Hippie can drive! It was nice to chill in the car and wrap with Craig H. and Hippie for a few hours. A lot of nervouse energy so i talked non-stop, sorry boys.
The race venue was set up for just about any and everything you could ask for in a cross race. Run ups, climbs, gravel, swirls, and even a cool man made run up with a ramp! Randy was the first to race on Friday Nite. He started with close to 75 racers strong. Nobody who races Jingle Cross is weak! Craig and I were able to watch the start, but then had to get ready for our race. Randy was steady as usual and finished 32nd! Which was a solid performance!
My race started in the dark, it was cold and spitting snow, you would not want it any different at an Epic event! I was 3rd row, which meant there was a ton of horse power all around me. Many of the top Open racers in the region in this 70 plus field of 35 plus racers. My goal was simple, just go until i could not pedal any longer! The race started super fast, i had a great start and was able to stay with the top 15 for the majority of the 1st lap. Then I go to the descent of Mt. Krumpit! It was a twisted sheet of ice and mud! I tried riding down it, but thought it was best to run. I was able to maintain my position for the first lap and came into the finish area in the top 20. Knowing that Hoppe had started a mere 30 seconds behind me, i was starting to think that as long as he did not catch me I could hang on to a good spot. I had a solid first 3 laps and then a suddle voice from behind me on the way down mt. Krumpit, "Go JP", and around me he came! Hoppe is just a beast, my goal was to stay with him the rest of the race. I tried hard, but he was about a minute or so ahead of me at the finish. Craig was solid and finished 9th in a very stacked 45 plus field, the winner of his race, Tom Price, will most likely be this years National Champion! The results were jacked up for that night, they had me in 9th, but that was not right, I ended up 29th out of close to 70 riders. It was still a great 1st nite of racing! The post race meal at Old Chicago was great after racing that hard in the cold!
Day two started early, the Hippie had a 9:45 a.m. start, so we were up and at the venue by 8:15 a.m. Craig and I chilled and then scouted out the course. We were able to watch the Hippie start and finish his race. It was fun watching him suffer, but also amazing watching him methodically pick off riders one by one. He had another 70 plus racers and he was solid with a 31st placing! His technical skills are 2nd to none, the Hippe can handle a bike! Wish i had half of those skills.
Craig and I lined up for our race and the sun was shinining, the wind was blowing, and it was just above freezing. This meant one thing....MUD on Mt. Krumpit! The course was set up for a long run up today, which became a run up in the mud! Not my strong suite, but hey we all had to race the same course. I had another great starting position, in which the Hippie made sure that I knew how good it was and not to let it go to waste! Gotta feel the love! We had a false start due to some idiots not knowing the difference between a bell and a horn. Anyway, we started out like a rocket, the field was packed again. I was going pretty good until the run up. I knew after that first run up that I was in for a day of survival on the bike. That is what I did as i proceeded to crash 4 times on the course. I felt off the entire race and only managed a 40th placing. Not what i was hoping for, but that is bike racing!
Hoppe had another stellar day in the 45 plus race. He just seems to get faster every time he races his bike. Which is very cool! I know he caught me less than 2 laps in and finished 13th or so on the day. Once again Tom Price won his race, which my money is on him winning in Bend in two weeks!
We watched another incredible pro race, loaded up and hit the road in the Hippie mobile already talking about coming back for more in 2011! It is a well done event and if you can do it and love cyclocross racing, this is an event you should put on your wish list for 2010! Best of luck to everyone racing the state events this weekend. It will be my last race of the 2010 season on Sunday. I am thankful for such a great team and all the racing that we were able to do together in 2010! 2011 will be a new experience racing as a member of the Ethos Racing team!

Get out and ride!
View from Mt. Krumpit
 The Hippy is in there somewhere
 Horner, all 135lbs of him
Driscoll at the finish, Friday I think..
The man, the legend, the hippy

Fast dudes!

Good luck this weekend to anyone racing state, either MO or KS! I am going to try and hit up MO Singlespeed, but dosen't look good so far...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jinglecross Rock....

The boys did well at JingleCross Rock! Maybe one of them could post a little something? Hint! Hint!

Here are some videos... Too cool...

Here is a good one Brocket put together...

Dont see handups like this very often!!

If you want more there are a ton on You tube...

Is anyone racing on Saturday... Boss Cross Numero Quatro.. I can't spell, just read it

Friday, November 26, 2010


Good luck to all you MO & KS boys up racing this weekend!!!!! Go get um.......


Monday, November 22, 2010

Manions II, CX ~ with video

The three stooges, Randy, Hoppe and myself made it down to Manions part doux and had a great time..
The course was tough, with a good amount of climbing involved. Just the way we like it!

Hippy took 9th in the 35+ 4s.. Not bad for not being on the bike for 2 weeks.. But more importantly JP Brocket got a picture of him in all his glory, which is now my screen saver... I asked him what happened, and told me he was just resting...

Hoppe Killed the Masters 40+! Which is extra impressive after I think he walked the lemans start... When I saw him go by on the fist lap, I think he was dead last... Pulled it together to win!

Good job dude, I'm going to catch you one of these days!!!

I did was seems to be some cherry picken and got my first cross win... Took 1st in singlespeed....

The course was well planned out I thought, in a valley which was cool... Had one really good climb in it which made everyone racing heart rate spike every lap... Here is a good pick of the backside of the course...

Although it looks downhill, its a bit deceiving.. You even had to work to go downhill on this course!!



Here is a cool video JP Brocket put together... I see the hippy in there in the 4's... also myself in a couple in the singlespeed race... We went before the 4's...

Race Reports: I will add more when I see them....
Big thank you to all of those that made this race happen.. And a huge good luck to everyone racing Jingle Cross this weekend... Wish I was coming with you a-holes!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DeStad Videos...

Some cool videos have surfaced... From the 3/4 race.... See myself in a bunch of them.. White sleeves...
See Spencer in one of them also...

Hey theres me!

One More HERE... Can't figure out how to embed this from Exposure Room...

Monday, November 15, 2010

DeStad, Levenworth

Great day for Racing!! I can't say enough about the courses they put together out there. I am quite fond of them.. Always have a bit of everything...

Got the gear ready and headed down there with Hoppe.. Brad Bob, Spenser, Derek and JP were all in attendance...

Its been a little since I raced last and felt it a bit... Thought everyone did pretty well, JP has been doing a ton of racing lately... Hoppe did have to DNF because he uses crap pedals... Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks...

We even had the Bob's (Fitz & Baily) came out and show their support.... By support I mean drink Blue Moons!!! Thanks for coming out fellas....

I'm going to post my race report on my blog, so you wont be forced to read it....JDoug's OCD.
 Let me know if you want any links to other race reports....

More info for your reading/viewing pleasure! Also, I saw a ton of video cam's out there.. I will post them as I find them..

Derek sporting is killer twin 6 jearsy
 JPS killin it
 Spenser, aka El Mustashio
 Brad Bob, pulling a double up on race day
 Hoppe before his DNF.. Dude just get some Eggbeaters!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


See some of you fools on Sunday in Leavenworth!!!

Sorry I can't get the formatting to fit correctly....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boss Cross #3

Boss Cross 3 was this weekend.. Could not make it myself so I have no race report for you.. Maybe Hoppe or Derek could post one...
Here are some post I have found from the race..

CKKC  (has video)

Looks like it was a great time! Pictures at Lanterne Rouge

Derek here representing in fine fashion!

 Spencer lookin like he is hurting a little.. CX is Short and fast buddy!
Hoppe looking like he is laying it down! Took 4th, WTF dude? flat tire? Ha! 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Smithville CX

Smithville CX this Sunday was a blast! By far my favorite course to date, they did a better job than last year and I thought that was a good course…
We were all down in numbers: the usual suspects, Hippy, BradBob, Hoppe, JP and myself… Out of the woodwork came Spenser, Jimbo and Joel, all came out to race…

I did the 3 / 4’s first, got a second row start but made it to the top 5 on the hole shot... Well kind of, actually I was 4 back about 10 feet from the end of the pavement when we all were going to take the hard left, when some dude came flying in on the inside of the corner, locked his breaks (which is a feat with cantilever breaks) and proceeds to fall flat on his arse right in front of me… You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!! Dude, it’s a 40 min race, chill out man…. What kills me is 1. the dude wasn’t even that fast 2. Were racing in the 3 /4's..... Anyway, its about this time I am a little wound up and holding back a verbal assault on this guy when five or so guys go right by me while I am waiting for this dude to get up… Not a great start…

I managed to pick some of the guys off during the race and ended up 6th… That’s just the way things go sometimes.. Felt much better than the week before at Boulevard Cup. I think the course helped us MTB fellas out a bit since it required some technical skills instead of just straight up wattage….

Second race was an hour later and I raced Singlespeed. I actually held on to the leaders for quite a while this race (much better than last week)… Was having some fun with things until I pulled an endo trying to put a dollar in my shorts from the dollar tree…. Yes, it was a little embarrassing, JP was right there to witness the debacle… You know it took me the rest of the race to make up the two spots I lost messing around… Wish it was at least a 5 or a 20 spot, I think that would have been more respectful, or maybe a beer hand up… Finished the race in 4th, one spot off the podium… Damn…

I think everyone had a blast. Hoppe was the big winner on the day taking 1st in his masters race! Good job dude! I am racking my brain on how to keep up with you….

JP, Hippy, Brad I think did well… I hope they feel that way… Jimbo made it out for this first and hopefully not last CX race of the season….

Also Spenser and Joel made it out… It was good to see you guys out there, hope to see you some more…

See for yourself... RESULTS and PIC"S......

Found this VIDEO... Us slow fellas...
Another VIDEO from the Mens Open Race... Bunch of fast dude here, thats for sure....

Hippy Ready to roll...

Hoppe up the hill!
 JP at the beach
 Myself looking devilishly handsome in my new kit
 Hippy movin like a man 1/2 his size
 Spenser up the hill with is steel SS!
 Joel's first race I think..
 Brad on the hippy's heels!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boulevard Cup!

Holy crap, I was not prepared for that!!!! Totally different animal than MTB Cross Country Racing… My training was quite insufficient for this kind of effort.....

Took the family down to Kansas to Race the Boulevard cup, little Liam got his first taste of CX action and he’s not a month old… Got to expose the little fella early!!

VIDEO of Singlespeed race HERE... (Video is pretty awesome, you can get a good idea on how the course was)

RESULTS can be found HERE.

PICTURES can be found HERE..

Met Hoppe and JP down there and we all raced Masters at 11:00… Pre rode the course, there was two obstacles and one sand pit, not very much climbing, very fast…

I knew this was going to be interesting when I toed up to the line with a bunch a fit looking dudes… Wasn’t a chucky monkey around.. 30+ was up first so we took off like a rocket at the start. So were off, 40 min of pure pain/fun! Long paved section before a soft left to the course and I hit the hole shot two back.. Hells yes I’m thinking… Well, I am used to the pace slowing down a bit after you hit the single track, not the case here.. About a quarter mile in and I was getting passed like I was soft pedaling… Thinking, Okay, im still 3 back, wait 4 now, crap 5, s**t 6,7,8th now.. Caught my breath enough to stop getting abused by these fellas, but still did not make up any ground until about 3 laps into it when people started slowing down a little.

Ended up the race in 8th, could have been worse, I tell you that… Next up Singlespeed race for me and Cat 3 for JP and Hoppe.. Census from all of us was that two races in the same day kind of sucks.. Legs got really heavy, really quick.. All you could do was just pace yourself the best you could and try to have fun.. Having fun was a bit easier on this race because the kegs were tapped and the drum and trombone came out… People started getting a little rowdy and I loved it!! NOW WERE CROSS RACING!!

Only downer of the day is that my team mate, good buddy Hoppe was too busy worrying about getting warmed up for his Cat 3 race to give me beer handups… WTF?!?! Had to take one from a stranger… Just don’t feel the love….

See you all Sunday at Smithville!!!

Im sorry the pictures suck! If anyone can do better, please do so..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm back Beeoches!!!

Time to knock the rust off these dem legs of mine!! Babies sleeping a little better and have the green light from the wifey... Training without racing SUCKS!
Its on! Boulevard cup, This Sunday... Debating on what races to do, I wanted to race Cat 3 but its right after Singlespeed, so I think its Masters 30+ at 11:00 and then SS at 1:00....
Who else is in?

On another note, I stared reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald... Insightful, I suggest taking a look.

Doing a trial run for a little to see how it goes for the remainder of the CX season and then it will be in full affect come spring... I have to keep up with those Cat 1 animals!!!
So far I have got my body fat checked and started keeping a food diry. Its very enlightening to write calories taken in a day. Once you see it on paper, if your like me, is very motivating to eat right. When you have to wright down 700 calories for some Arbys curly fries, you think twice.... If anyone has any questions on how its going just let me know... I have only started, so give me some time.....
Just in case your wondering, Boulevard Pale Ale is 175 calories....


Monday, October 11, 2010

Cross Out Cancer CX Race Report

By the time I got to the race, Randy and BradBob had already raced their first race. We ran into them in the parking lot on the way to the registration table and Randy warned us that the course was very rough and recommended letting some air out of tires to ease the jarring terrain.

We watched the next race start while Randy and BradBob pointed out some of the points on the course to watch out for. There where three sets of barriers. One set of two high barriers at the end of a straight away, another set of two high barriers directly after a hairpin turn on the other side of the course. And finally a set of three small 6 inch barriers that where jump-able if you had the speed. The course weaved back and forth with several tight turns, and turns that I originally thought would be no big deal. Other features of the course were a parallelogram of death. Instead of being a spiral, this thing had some tight corners to maneuver around, and then spit you out onto one of the two straight-aways that were not up hill. The other downhill straight-away was on loose dirt with a sharp hairpin turn at the end preventing you from wanting to pick up much speed.

Emma and I hung out with the Jeff and Amy from Renaissance and watched Randy and BradBob’s Masters 35+ Cat4 race from in front of the parallelogram of death. Randy killed it, finishing first. From where we were sitting, it didn’t look like he had any problems with any section of the course. BrabBob had some problems with his chain and finished 11th.

Women’s race was up next, so we were getting Emma ready to race, and first thing we notice is she has a flat tire. Sure enough, we went to the cross races without a spare tube or tire levers. We managed to round up a tube and levers from some other racers and quickly changed the tire so she could race. I don’t know if she had enough time to get a practice lap in though. She did good in her first race in two years, and it being only her second race ever. She finished with a flat tire (rode it right over the finish line with maybe 10lbs of air) in 17th place.

I raced single speed, which was the last race of the day. My plan was to race into the larger curves and pedal right on through picking up speed. That didn’t work out too well for me, with the combination of low tire pressure, loose dirt, and dry grass it was very difficult for me to keep my wheels underneath me. On two occasions I found myself somersaulting through the corner. I did manage to keep my bike in my hand, so it was pretty easy to get going again. On my second wipe out, I was kinda glad I crashed, because I wasn’t paying attention to the course and would have run right into the largest barriers. After spilling the corners a few times I decided to take it a little more cautious through the rest. I couldn’t get enough speed coming up to the small barriers to bunny hop them like some of the racers, but I was able to wheelie over the top and bounce the back over them on a few laps, although most of the time it was just faster to run them, especially if there was anyone else going over them at the same time.

With it being as warm and dry as it was, the dust was pretty bad and my mouth dried up and became lined with dust pretty quickly. So on one of the laps when I rode through the feed area, Jeff from Renaissance handed me up a bottle of water, which I promptly choked on as I tried to turn into the parallelogram. I thought I was going to have to get off the bike and puke for the next third of that lap. I did manage to finish in 15th place, and Emma met me at the finish line with a cold beer ready for my drinking pleasure.

On a side note, I am not too fond of having my race as the last race. I hardly have enough time to drink my post race beers before every one starts tearing down and heading home.


Cameron Chambers won the 24hour solo, singlespeed national championship this weekend... Article HERE... You can see the results HERE and marvel on how consistent the lap times are.... Flippen animal!!! Very impressive, HTFU indeed Sir...

DeStad CX was this weekend also... I know that the hippy, Bradbob, JP, Derrk and Emma went down.. One of you should post a race report... I spoke to the hippy and he won the cat 4 35+... Flippen sweet, results here.... Photos by Roger Harrison here...

I would have posted some pics from Roger but I could not figure out how to get them saved... Or don't have the time to figure it out anyway....

Next up, CX races this weekend... I am going to actually try and hit up the Boulevard Cup on Sun....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boss Cross Video

I think I see a couple of you guys in here?



either of these work? I am not sure how to embed.

Friday, October 1, 2010

2035 National Champ!!!

As of Tuesday, we have a new Hard Breatin Fat Kid, the future 2035 National Cross Country Champ.... Only one decision now, gears or no gears????

MTB season is wrappen up, recognize a bunch of names on the UFD series...  Its too bad that some more of us did not race more often, I think we have a good concentration of good mtb riders here in town....

Soooo, while I am off the bike for a little while, you guys have been slaking.... I know there is come CX racin going on! Anyone going to post some updates/ reports/ pics of the Hippy taking a crap???? Anything?????

Monday, September 27, 2010

Anyone need a 29er?

Im selling my 2009 sette razzo, currently a single speed but you can put gears on it. Size is a med or 18inch , origin 8 black ops carbon fork, chris king headset, aerus carbon bars , avid bb7 disc brakes, thomson stem, ritchey ocr hubs with wtb speeddisc rims(built by the trail hippe), scott saddle, truVativ hussefelt cranks, panaracer 29er tires with lots of tread left on them. Bike is 1 year old, 1300 invested , price is $600! I will consider reasonable offers, thanks guys.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Heading out to the cross course before it rains....

FYI, some of the boys are doing a CX race tomorrow... Ground should be wet, just how CX is supposed to be!!!!! I would hitch a ride if I were you!!

Fellas, be sure to post some pics/report... I have to live my racing addiction vicariously though you fools....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KC Cup, Swope Park, KCMO 2010

Last race of the UFD “west” series was last Sunday at Swope Park, KCMO… I arrived to find the place soaking wet, parked next to BradBob and saw the usual faces getting out their race gear. All the boys who I needed to beat were all in attendance. Now I have heard that swope has plenty of rock areas with I found very disheartening. The only think I hate more than rocks on the race route, is WET rocks on the route.. Brad and I decided to take a pre lap to check this bad boy out and I am so glad we decided to do that… The singletrack was nice and hardpacked but the rock section was slick as can be.. This was going to get very interesting.. You can get an idea here…

Before we even start we run into Mark from Smithville (Water Doc) with this lovely gash in his shinn

About start time we noticed that there was about 20 deep in the Cat 2 race so I knew right off, that I am going to need to hit the singletrack with the top guys to get out of traffic… They started the race up a long paved straightaway. I was fortunate that it was an uphill start so that leveled the playing field for me with my singlespeed. They started the Cat 1 superhumans then the Cat 2 kiddos (19-29) then us (Cat 2, 30-39).. Right off the gun I got my handelbars caught up with a guy and he ended up pulling an endo right off the start line (sorry dude).. Bout the top of the hill folks were redlining and I hit the singletrack 4 back. The four of us opened up a gap real quick, as soon as we hit some switchback, I could not see anyone behind us.. Bout the time we hit the second paved section, some of the fellas dropped it into their big ring and took off. I was struggling to keep up, spinning like a mad man til we hit the dirt again. At this time I ran into Denny with 360 who apparently was feeling the Billy Porter from the night before and told me to pass him. This surprised me because I was worried about him the most for the UFD series point race..

Started to feel pretty good, caught back up with the leaders and started to run into traffic from the 19-29 kiddos (our group should have started after the Cat 1’s).. This is when we hit the Rock section. I forget what it was called, but it gave me fits… Bout ripped off my shorts completely getting through the section and completely lost track of who is in the lead and what place I am at this point. Not sure who I passed and not sure who passed me..

Lap one down, felling pretty good at this point..I hammer it to try and catch up with who I think is in the number 2 position… About the time I catch him, were back into some more traffic and we hit the rock section again… Then John W (Cowtown) came up and passed me (not very happy about that) and I thought I would just suck onto his wheel all the way to the finish line.. However he has a bit more tech. skillz than I do so I lost him after a couple other rock sections… That was the last time I saw anyone I knew… Climbed my way out of the woods to take 4th on the day… More importantly though, I beat all the guys I knew were close to me in the UFD point standings…
So I have won the UFD Cat 2 30-39 series… Pretty pumped about that!! Hopefully I win something out of it.. T-shirt? Anything?
Ethos boys Garet and Travis won their series also!!(on blogroll, G-Wiz, Pyrocrank)

KC Cup MTB Results

UFD Series Results

I will post additional info/pics as they come available…

Saturday there was a CX race in which Randy and Hoppe raced… Found a video on Vimeo, even see a cameo of Hoppe a couple times… Video..
They will have to give you the scoop on the race, think it went pretty well for them though…

Cross.... Thought......

Thinking about picking an evening each week and having some makeshift/ laid back cross races.... Nothing too organized, just having like an A and B race out on the cross course.... Would be great for training (A) and having fun/ seeing if cross is for you (B)....

Soooooo... Whatcha thinks ladies and gents? I'm not going to put forth the effort if its going to be me and two other people...
We'll even get Bob out if you would like!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Weekend for Racin...

Who is doing what????? I know Hoppe has a freshly built CX bike ready to go, so he is ready to do some CX racin on Saturday at Swope...

For me, I lucked out and none of the top running mtb guys (UFD Cat2) made it out to Arkansas City, KS for the Tour De Lizard. So I am still holding the top spot (by a thread) on the Cat 2 UFD series.. The last race is at Swope on Sunday... So barring my wife going into labor, I am going to try my A$$ off to win this bad boy by a good showing... Its defiantly going to be interesting, the course is exactly opposite of my strengths, rocky and technical... Can't all be out at Krug! Unfortunately.....

Owe well, you never know what can happen during a race... Just go 110% and see what happens....
Wish me luck & no mechanicals!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

UFD- Tour De In the Middle of Nowhere KS

After days of contemplation the Tour De Lizard in Arkansas City is way to far for me to go and race with a baby ready to pop out in a couple of weeks.. Looking at mapquest it shows 4 hours and 46 min drive with a Cat 2, 10:15 start time.

Kind of a bummer, being only 2 points in the lead of the UFD Cat 2 series. I am so close to winning the series I can literally taste it… If one of the top 4 guys race, I will most likely be too far behind to make up any points at the KC Cup…. Rather a bitter pill to swallow, being so close to a goal and not being able to compete…

However If my little one would be born without me I don’t know that I could live with myself, so all in all there will always be other races, other goals on a bike… Nothing is worth risking the missing of the birth of the 2030 National XC Champion!

Best of luck to all that are going to be racing…. JP, GMapes….

Anyone riding this weekend????

Sunday, September 5, 2010

CX Course, thanks to Randy

Randy must have spent a long hot afternoon out with his mower today. I stumbled upon him as he was about 75% done push-mowing a CX course like last year. I was explaining to my mom what he was out there doing, and she replied, "He's been out there quite a while, I think he's mowing the whole field." I'm sure he'll tell you he can navigate using the earth's magnetic fields like many insects, and I'm now inclined to believe him. I went out & GPS'd a lap when he was finished, and would you believe it came out 1.02 miles? He's either damn good, or damn lucky! (I hope this pic attaches correctly)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Corby south trail work tonight, Monday

I mentioned to Randy the other day that some of the runner guys who use the trails you guys so generously maintain have decided to pitch in & help out, since we benefit from the trails also. Yesterday we got about half of Corby south done. Tonight, a couple of us are going back to finish up the three (I think) spots that still need clearing. Two are one-man, 5-minute jobs, and the third location is a little more involved. All three locations are fortunately within a 200-foot radius, near the NW corner of the big field at the end of 25th St.

If anyone wants to come heckle us in our short-shorts and other silly-looking attire, feel free. Or if you want to come help. Or tell us how we are doing it all wrong. Or whatever. We are planning to start at 5pm.

MTB Race Season Winding Down..

What a 2010 its been so far! Can’t believe that the summer is gone and only one more month of MTB races… Three weekends, and that’s it. Time to turn your attention to skinnneeee tires and big time leg shavers!

So here is the game plan for whoever is interested! Its now or never…

This Saturday, September 4th, I am going to head down to Swope Park, KCMO to preview the singletrack out there. So if your interested, just let me know.. Going to try and leave early so we can get back at a decent time..

THEN, its two weekends of racing to finish off the season: UFD Series

Frist off Tour De Lizard, Arkansas City, KS (wherever the hell that is) on September 12th…

After this, last race of the season, KC Cup, Swope Park, KCMO on September 19th… If your done with MTB already there is a CX race that Saturday…

All in all its been an awesome season, got my little mini me due on September 27th. So I am going to take a little break for the beginning of Cross season. Much needed, have been battling burnout for about a month now… Legs are dead more than not and need a little RR…. With a newborn, prob not going to be either restfull or relaxing, but will give my legs time to recover…..

Anyway, someone is going to have to take over the posts for a little and keep us up to date on Cross Season!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get your TT Roadie on!

Just passin on the word in case any of you fools are wanting to do some cross training. Or whatever..

"Ladies & Gents, "Let's get ready to rumble!" Hope to see ya'll at the same

place as last couple of years... basically start from the gravel road
(County Rd 395) just on the other side of the train tracks east of Amazonia
baseball field on Hwy T... just east of Amazonia. If we get a lot of people
driving out there, the baseball field's parking lot is just about 1/4 mile
down & will work out nicely. I'm attaching the spreadsheet with the data
from past years in case your interested in those results... or better yet,
to help you figure out & set your own timing goal. I'm certain that those
of you whom trained with me during the winter months & have been riding
consistently will see a noticeable improvement from your times last year.
I'm definitely going to expect faster times from "Javier's Heroes". ;0)-
But seriously, remember that the whole reason for setting this up is simply
to give you another tool to get to or stay at whatever fitness level you
want... so come on out and have fun & feel good about doing your own thing!

Annette will input the info into the updated spreadsheet and we'll need
someone to help with the stopwatch & hopefully another to watch for any
vehicles at the turn around point near the train tracks."

ALSO!!! I am going to make a road trip down to Swope Park one of these weekends to get a look at their trails. KC Cup MTB race is going to be there Sept, 19th..
Looking at either this weekend or next...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CX is around the corner...

With just two MTB races left in the season...Its almost that time of year again.... Time to rub elbows with the  rodies in their skinsuits!!!!!


speaking of which, I need some new CX tires.. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rapture In Misery (RIM) 6/12 hour race

Joetown and Shores Sports crew was down in full affect at Rapture in Misery 6/12 this Saturday.. What an accurate name for this race! RESULTS ARE HERE
This was a finely tuned machine of a event. Race times are kept like nowhere else I have raced.  Well done!

(race meeting)

Hoppe and I did the 12hour duo, the hippy and Bradbob did the 6hour duo. JP, Gary M. and J Smikahl did the12 hour 3man.
(Did ya get it out, BradB?)

My personal hero, the Hippy started his day off with a pre ride of some of the course and found out that the first section of downhill was slick. We were just getting our gear together as he comes riding back to the tent covered in mud and blood. He went down hard before the race even started. Going to be a long day..

The race started with a lemans start like it always does, but a bit nicer than last year. It is usually an uphill start, but with all the mamby pambys complaining Doug Long decided to change things up.

Hoppe had me start the race because his old man knees can’t handle any running. I had a pretty nice start, took off and got to my bike and was in the top 15. We hit a portion of long double track/ mowed field that took us to the single track and the pace was not that bad at this point. Once we hit the single track the carnage began.

Once we hit the first rocky/root covered downhill I shall now call the Hippy tumbling area there were folks off the trail everywhere.. It was pretty nasty, especially once people have been riding over the area and covered the rocks and roots with mud from their tires. It was a little sketchy getting through those sections on the first lap with traffic all around you. Once we hit some smooth single track the pace picked up and people started flying…

The first couple of laps were not that bad.. I did not feel great, but not that bad either. Hoppe was turning out some pretty consistent/fast laps.

It was about the 3rd lap that the cramps started to show up and we would have to fight them for the rest of the day. That mixed in with a mixture of prepetuim that was making me feel bloated and hard to eat made the 6 hour mark quite unpleasant.

We had quite a competition going with the eventual 2nd place team. Hoppy would go out and come back in first place, I would go out and lose it. I was in survival mode at this point, was pretty deep into the hurt locker at this point. The cramps were manageable as long as you could keep pedaling, as soon as you mess up and have to put a foot down or anything your whole leg would seize up..

Throughout the race I was having stomach issues which was making it very difficult to take in calories. Each break it would take me the entire 50min to force down anything I could. A banana, clif bar, part of a sandwich. Its really hard to force yourself to eat in these situations.

My only respite between laps was this faucet that me and several other overheated riders found to cool yourself off.
(as pictured here)

My 5th lap out there became one that I will never forget. I felt a little better that the last because there was a cool breeze and it was finally cooling down. However about 1/3 of the way into my lap I got that, dude, something aint right feeling in my stomach. Great, its bad enough that we have a head to head battle going on, I have to ride this lap having to take a crap. Well, a couple of miles down the track, things were not getting much better. Even a couple more miles down, I was walking my bike up some of the climbs at this point when the inevitable hit me. Hard.. I was going to crap my bike shorts… So here I am in the middle of a race, 2nd place guy is hammering it to catch up with me and I am here taking a crap in the woods. I don’t think I have ever in my life, EVER, done this..

Somehow I managed to finish the lap (ironically, it wasn’t even my worst lap of the day) and b-line it to the porta-bathroom where I spent the next 15min.. So a lesson learned that powders and gels eventually take its toll on your stomach…

In between this lap I said the hell with taking anymore of that crap and choked down a cliff bar with a coke. You know what? Was the best I had felt in 6 hours… Took off for my 6th lap with the lights on and felt pretty darn good. Good enough to hold off 2nd place for good. Handed it off to Hoppe with a 5 (ish) min lead and he came back and the long day had finally come to a close and we took 1st place in the 12 duo by 10 min…

Hell of a day….