Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trail Conditions

Well I tried! North Corby anyway. Crusty crunchy snow, no tracks other than the animals.
It really was not very good. It was ride fifty feet walk twenty. I think I made about 1/4 mile before jumping on the bike path and riding for a while. Tomorrow, maybe a road ride with knobbies.


jdoug_jt said...

JS, how about 1:00 ish? Any other takers?


jspell said...

Sounds good, I should be there at Corby at 1pm. There is a slight chance I won't make it so don't wait on me. I may be working on my son's car.

jdoug_jt said...

If I don't see you then I will bring by the jeep, you can work on that too, cant you?