Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Landahl and Trail stuff

Props to Lansen and Shaun for showin us how to do it on Saturday. I was cryin like a little girl about how much I was cramping (prob meunstral) and just generally whining like a bitch when Shaun came in after doing 5 laps to my 4 and all he really had to say was that he was hungry! He did Bogart 4 of the pb&j sandwiches beforehand however. I bet this was the reason for his 38th bowel movement of the day coming back through Platte City that night. Lansen did great again, but I think the BB5's held him back. He said something about flats, but we all know the truth about the performance loss of having mechanical disc brakes that only adjust on one side! It was a great time for all of us and I'm glad I went. Winning those inner tubes was well worth the extra 20 bones in the raffle.

Some scoundrel has been doing some weedeating and chainsaw work on the 1st part of GSC recently, and did a helluva job. Props to that person or people...you know who you are.

I'll be weedeating Corby South from 7am to 10am on Sat morning and till noon on Sunday if it doesn't get done Sat. Shaun has 2 working weedeaters that are available and that sling the heavy string. Someone can walk with a blower even if they want to. Peace, RT

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