Friday, February 13, 2009

Bridges for Krug

KCP&L (T&D) has indicated the potential for donation of utility poles for trail bridges. I'm working with them on the details as far as the "red tape" is concerned, but I would like to know how many bridges and what spans you're looking at, so we'll know how many poles to ask for. I believe it would be in everyone's best interest to follow the specs set out in the engineered plans contained on the IMBA site. KCP&L needs specifics to provide a level of comfort from the liability side of things.

Please let me know if someone has already made other arrangements for bridge materials, so I can disregard if that is the case. The local plant manager is a relative, so I asked him to check on it for me.


Anonymous said...

Craig and I will be doing a walk around in Krug Wed or Thurs afternoon to assess t-pole needs for bridges. He also brought up how useful a few would be at Girl scout camp, over a couple ditches , off camber climbs, and wet areas. You're welcome to come along and give input. The raisemeup hippie.
P.S. did that button hold?

choppe said...

After tonight's walk through here is the list of bridge stringer poles we came up with.
(16) - 16' long
(10) - 20' long
(2) - 24' long
(1) 36" diameter culvert - 8' long

Anonymous said...

we're gonna need a mule!

DavidC said...

Can Ed get the numbers of telephone poles needed? If so, what is the plan to transport everything to the locations, what about lumber on top of the poles and funds to obtain them??