Wednesday, March 4, 2009

need more info for bone bender & demo bikes

Jp needs shirt sizes and ages for everyone racing so we can get everyone signed up right. Marin and maybe Haro are sending us demo bikes to race at the bone bender. Marin is sending a Med. and Lrg. Mt. Vision and Haro maybe a Sonics. These are great modles for endurance racing.


JDOUG said...

MED? Shaun, you and Gregg are the only midgets racing... Oops, I mean little people, sorry....

CvtfaBOB said...

BradBob's Stats: age 36, shirt size L , D.O.B. 1/31/1973! anymore questions or smart ass remarks from JDoug?

JDOUG said...

Any of those 29ers?

BradBob, its just too easy man, I need a little bit of a challenge!!!

CvtfaBOB said...

Hey JDoug, on a serious note, check out my blog . I posted a pic of my new bike. I can't wait to get it dirty!

russdog said...

Large for Russ, Age 33 2/16/1976 Aquarius!!

JDOUG said...

I alreday did.. Looks nice!
You got it set up 1-9 don't ya?

What happened to the Haro frame?

JP, are we sending you jersry or t-shirt sizes? Also would it be easier to email you this stuff?

Anonymous said...

T-shirt sizes for bonebender...
Hope to hand you all jersey's Sat. a.m.?? They told me by Thur. this week they will be at my home? I have a bus. trip wed. - fri. a.m., but hope to be happily sorting jersey's next Friday! I plan on being at the race early and will be handing the race promoter a check that a.m. of race, that way I do not miss anyone and if the weather turns bad, we are not out the cash for racing!!
I am fat and slow, but look forward to some good times on the bike and getting to know you guys better....That way I can join in on the blog and start giving you guys some crap!!

Have a great week and if you want to email me the following, please do so for race roster list:
First Last Name
Racing age / DOB
t-shirt size



JDOUG said...

Jason Douglas
31, 4/29/77


Jim Spellman
50, 5-8-58

David C said...

Davic Crook
38 / 5-21-70