Saturday, May 16, 2009

GCS/ Brownie Trails

Well Randy and I have put a good dent into GSC. I worked today on GSC and completed Brownie trail with loppers and trimming as well. The trails are perfect despite all the rain we got. I have included a few pics of how it looked after all the hard work. I might get out Sunday for a ride/tree trimming ride.


choppe said...

Looks really good!!
Thanks for all the hard work.
Just got the new trimmer today and plan to start in on Krug in the morning if anyone wants to join me.

JDOUG said...

Thank you!!!!!!! Looks great..

Hop, is Krug rough cutting done?

choppe said...

Rough cutting was pretty much done but I'm sure there will be some additional downed limbs and such to take care of.
Mainly final weed eating, bench cutting and bridge building left.
Still alot of work to complete it though.