Sunday, May 9, 2010

Robidoux Roundup 2010 Pics

Race pics here


Prozenberger said...

Hey guys,

Super bummed that I had to miss the race at Krug Park. It really is amazing what you all have done with the trails in St. Joe. If I would have had those trails to ride back in the day, I would not have quit mountain biking. It makes for a really hard decision as to what bike to bring when I come to visit.

CBC is putting on a MTB race next Sunday, May 16th at Rhetts Run in Cosmo park in Columbia. It is part of the midwest fat tire series, you can check out the fat tire site for more details. Some of you guys should make the trip. The trails are in great shape even though it is raining as I type this. The course really does drain well, though. And, from what I can tell, we should get some decent weather. If anyone is coming, post up or send me a message. I can get you maps of the trail, and if you want to pre ride the course on Saturday, I can meet you and show you around.

Jason Ozenberger


Craig, Randy, and Dave. Thank you all very much for the hard work you put into the race. I think it turned out great! Please tell your wives THANK YOU for their help and support. I know there are others that helped, they deserve a thank you also.