Sunday, February 13, 2011

singlespeed stuff for sale

Does anyone need some singlespeed stuff? I have a year old Haro Mary SS frame 18", with an eccentric bottom bracket. A pair of barely used Avid Elixer R disc brakes...6 and 7" rotors, all hardware, and adapters included. 2 Origin 8 Black ops carbon rigid with vee brake bosses and both have disc tabs. the fork with vee tabs has a 7 1/4" steerer, the disc only was on the frame and has 6 5/8" steerer. Last is some xt cranks, model 751 in 180 mm, with a surly stainless 34 tooth ring and a bashguard outer ring (comes with a xt splined bb also).
$175 for the frame $150 for the brakes $75 for the cranks $75 for either fork
Thanx, the trail hippie 816-273-60 oh eight