Friday, March 11, 2011

owe yah...

The hurt locker!!!!
Those of you doing the crit tomorrow.. Good luck! pedal till hit hurts so bad you cry!!

Man I need some off road racing!!!! Got to love the competition of paris-nice etc.. even tho its those skinny tire leg shavers......

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OK, put away your girly arm, skinny tire bikes and get out your man bike! The trails are ridable!!Rode North, GSC and Brownie and didn't get at all muddy!

Also, does any one know what is going on at North? They have a bunch of survey stakes and trees marked on the north end of it. Almost looks like they are going to run the paved trail through there with some switch backs. I hope they don't, because that trail is where lot of new folks learn to appreciate mountain biking

Good Luck to you skinny tire freaks this weekend!