Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bone Bender, 2011

Well the crew made it down for another Bone Bender 3/6 hour race, this year at Clinton Lake, KS. And as I type this with  my body still felling like I got my arse beat with a baseball bat from Sunday, I kinda wish it was at Smithville again....I am a sissy man!
The Hippy, Bradbob, Jimbo, Hoppe and Myself headed down at the crack of dawn and hooked up with the Ethos crew and got ready. Saw Derrick and crew down there as well... Orange Leiderhosen? How do you spell that?
Had a Le-Mans start with always kind of sucks...
Staging Area

And Were OFF!
All of us from Joetown had a bit of trouble with the technical sections until later on in the day when you kind of get used to them. We just don't have that kind of terrain up here, we can climb hills, just not when there covered in roots and rocks.
Hoppy and I got our buts whooped, there was a ton of great riders competing. Looks like I need to step up the intensity of training as my lap times were not even close to the fast dudes.

Hippy and Hoppy (Apparently this is one of the few times my "partner" could keep is bike rubber side down!)
First MTB race in the books. Learned a lot, hurt a lot, had a great time!
Don't know what happened, but when you see a bunch of racers standing around, its never good.

The lord only knows...
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JP Shores said...

Best training race of the Spring Season! Hard, but definetly worth the day's effort no matter how you placed or did not place. Hanging out and riding sweet trails is never a bad thing. Great job to all the St. Joe crew and Etho's team. The next race is in your back yard boys! Looking forward to it. I will let you all know when I am coming up for some rides. If the trails are good. I will be up next week! Go!