Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Robidoux Roundup 2011

In case you don't know already, were very blessed to have singletrack like Krug here in St. Joseph... I just love it out there! With that being said there was a little race last Saturday called the Robidoux Roundup.
The usual hooligans were present to to race the home course which was groomed to perfection. Be sure to thank the Trail Hippy and Hoppy for being the ring leaders in getting Krug to the shape that it is. Also thank eveyone who helped, Jimbo, BradBob, Ethos Crew (Steve and Jesse I think came up from KC). I apologize if I missed any... Yes because I am a loser and didn't do sheet myself.... Yes I deserve to be ostracized, but enough of that..

Also, thank you to the St. Joseph Bike Club for providing food for the event, the city of St. Joseph for letting us use the park.
Do all your bike shopping at BikeSourse, because they provided all the swag and sponsor Ethos Racing! Well that and they are awesome down there....

Thanks to Ed S. for all the trials stuff.... And we thought we were crazy!

Im sure the visits here probably knows all of this but...
You can find results/pictures/race reports on the race blog, HERE....

Here are a couple of pics from the locals racing....

I love this pic of the Hippy, BADASS!
Dr. Smith busing out the guns
JP Shores

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Thanks Craig, Randy for putting so much effort into this race! I think all had a great time! Please thank your wives for their help also!