Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trail Work and Conditions...

Im still stoked about the group ride last night , 27 MOUNTAIN BIKERS!!!!!!! I hope everyone had as good a time as I did and that you'll all be back soon.

Now this is where I talk about trail work but I am really sending you subliminal messages telling you that trail work is fun, men it will put hair on your chest and women it will do what ever you want it to do to you! OK , OK ... none of that is true , but riding is fun and we cant ride if "WE" dont do the work. Any and all help is appreciated, remember these are "YOUR" trails. I will be at Girl Scout Camp at 6am Saturday Morning to hopefully finish the weedeating. Come out and have some fun with me.

Current trail conditions are as follows:
* Corby South is clear , it does have 1 hanging tree that needs to be pulled down but it will take at least 2 people so be careful.
*Corby North is clear, I removed the down tree today and the rest was clear as of yesterday
*Girl Scout is 1/3 weed whacked and has a large tree down about a quarter mile from the end of the trail. *CAUTION* That tree is infested with bees . Justin is going out tomorrow with a bee keeper to retrieve them and then I will get the tree cut up and then all will be clear.
*Brownie is slightly overgrown, tall in some places but not thick at all and still very ride able .
*Krug is clear as of last Wednesday.

All trails have small sticks and debris, please remove any obstacles that you can and report any others.
Please help us keep the current conditions of trails up to date by commenting on this post.


jpuett11 said...

Hi Brad. Brandon will be there to help in the morning. Also, we are interested in helping with the BikeFest. I assume you are going to have planning meetings? Let me know.

Jen Puett

CvtfaBOB said...

Yes, we will be having meetings and I will post that info on this blog. Is there a particular night that works better for you? Let me know.