Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Ride

 You missed out... I forget how much fun it is to ride MTB in the Fall. We posted, but only Larry came out to play with the rest of us... The weather was perfect... Actually it was a little too warm... Rode through Krug and Sunbridge, its was great... Too short though...

Took off from the bottom parking lot of Krug

Just getting started, notice the youngster on the left ready to go; old men front and to the right, sucking water and sucking wind!!
Got to love youthful enthusiasm. Especially when it comes to trail work!
Getting a refresher of Krug climbing..
Someone has been spending too much time on his road bike... We ride down the hills buddy!

Felt really good to get back on the Fat tires... I am also extremely excited about Sunbridge, it has so much potential out there you can't believe... Just need a loop of some sort....

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Kate said...


I wanted to thank you all for the awesome trails off the parkway. I grew up around St. Joe, but moved away after high school. I'm back visiting for Christmas and found the Corby North and South trails while running. I've run them both this week and loved them - they're such great trails! Thanks for creating them. I now live in Boulder, CO and am spoiled by all of the trails in our area. It's great to see St. Joe starting to get some good singletracks!!