Friday, January 20, 2012

Corby North

I know the rumors have abounded about how Corby North will be impacted by news of the Urban Trail being extended from Gene Field down to Corby Pond this year.

Early on, when the rumor started, all that we really knew was that we needed to connect the dots but we didn't know the path we'd take to do that. Thanks to a number of the guys on this blog, we've been trying to make sure that we do the best to keep Corby North a neat trail. As a beginner/intermediate level mountain biker myself, Corby is important to me personally.

The cool thing is that the guy that wrote grant to extend the Urban Trail was smart enough to ensure that funds were set aside in the grant to restore, mend and hopefully try to make the trail better where impacted.

One of the guys I work with just showed me some neat restoration ideas this week that I'd say are pretty exciting. But the proof is in the pudding so if you get a chance to stop by my office, I'll show you and would like to know what you think. If there are better ideas, this is the time to plug them in. As a tease, for the first time ever we actually have access to a day or two of contractor labor and equipment for this. Maybe that means that some ideas that would just be too much work with manual labor are possible.

So take a bit and stop by when you get a chance. Plans will probably get sent out in a few weeks so that's the window for input. It's a team deal and the last thing I want to do is to goof up a tremendous trail while we're also doing good for the Urban Trail. Both can co-exist and flourish together. In fact, I think that trail opens up a lot of prospects further north up in the timber that wasn't real feasible until the Urban Trail extension was conceived.

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Derrick said...

Thanks Andy, I will stop by this week to see the plans.