Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We got some work to do

We all know the big race is this Sunday. Shaun and I ran the weedeaters for a spell on Corby South. We did the lower trail by the pond, around the tennis courts, and the stuff directly on the other side of the bridge. We found some pop can sized mushrooms above the tennis court and my wife fried em up last night...a great source of pre-race energy (or so I'm told). Shaun is chainsawing some big stuff today the little handsaws wouldn't make it through. He has 2 big weedeaters that are ready to rock. It's pretty crazy what those bastards will chew through with that thick line. Kinda makes my old curved shaft Stihl look puny! We need to pitch in and get this stuff done. Saturday needs to be for rest and not for sweating our 'nads trying to do the shit work at the last minute. There are some stinging nettles above the downhill on North that are 4 feet tall that need a new home. If they get much bigger, we may have to break out the chainsaws.

People from other places have ridden the GSC trail and are raving about it. Let's show em how good a trail can be and spiff ours up to its' best.

As you know, this trail work is like prison love...it's gonna happen whether you want it to or not, so you might as well enjoy it. RT


jdoug_jt said...

Randy! I thought you told me to keep our prison love a secret?

jspell said...

Just got back from Corby south. Didn't get very far with my little weed wacker but made some progress in the middle. Hopefully I can get out again on Thursday or Friday and maybe some on Saturday "if" I don't die from Poison Ivy first!

Russ Dog said...

Shaun Greg and I hit a big section on the Corby south side tonight. We made allot of progress!!

Prozenberger said...

You guys are doing wonderful things with the trails in St. Joe. Thanks for your hard work, and for providing a great place for us out-of-towners to ride. I am still amazed at the amount of rain that we got, and the fact that the trails were not muddy.

See y'all on Sunday!!

jspell said...

Can someone post what areas are left to be done? If I have time it will be limited and I would rather know where to start rather than just walking around.
What are the plans for marking the course? What about set-up for Sunday morning?