Saturday, May 10, 2008


Pretty long day of riding for me. Felt good.

Started doing a pre-lap with Jim at N.Corby, then Rusty showed and we did N.Corby again. We headed over to GSC, did that, did Brownie Trail, then GSC again. Then headed back to Corby and met up with Jason O. Did S.N.Corby race loop. Troy showed up and Rusty took off, so Troy, Jason, and I did another race loop. By this time I was starting to feel it a little bit, so I went home. I think Oz and Tbone went over to GSC, I hope so - that trail was in good shape today. In fact, even some of the a-seepage spots weren't as bad as they have been.

None of the trails were "muddy" but every thing was tacky. Pretty good for having an inch and a half of rain 24 hours before the ride.

It has pretty much rained the entire day since I finished riding. Not that we needed it, but it should be good for the shroom hunters. BTW, ran into some shroom hunters at N.Corby - they had 15 or 20 of the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen. No one will believe this, but the heads on these things were nearly as big as a baseball. Should have got a picture...

Here's Rusty looking for mushrooms. We never did find anyway.


Tenacious Tortoise said...

Glad you guys got some riding in... as you probably figured out... I worked most of the morning.

Really glad to hear that the trails handled all the moisture so well... not that I was surprised, but then I haven't gone out there that soon after a good rainfall.

T-bone said...

Thanks for the Tour Lansen. The trails are really good and the race should be sweet. Let me know if you're having a trail day before the race. I could maybe come down Friday or Saturday with my lawn equipment.