Sunday, July 6, 2008

Took My Medicine Today

100 degrees heat index, they said today. Started Corby and the GSC at about 12:30 for a solo re-connect day. Balanced the line between sustainable riding and heat stroke for the entire time. No stops except to cut out two trees, but I wasn't looking to rest on those pauses. On the way home unzipped the jersey and let the wind hit me in the chest. You know what I mean when I say it's at that moment that life's demons kind of clear away, vision gets clearer, and things start making sense again - cause that clarity has been earned. I'll be on the bike more now, and that's the way it needs to be. May have lost my way there for a while.

To all of you, early July and the trails look as good as I have seen them at this time of year. It ain't easy to keep up, I know. I've been trying to do my part with a handsaw, but that's not enough and I'm sorry. Might try to get out with Randy for some power tool work this week, if I can.

Got this new toy from my mom for Father's day. Should help after the next big storm when there is a bunch of trees down. It's the perfect size for a chainsaw and a can of gas.

Saw some alarming signs in the GSC today too. Was seeing what looked like horse hoof prints, but couldn't be sure while I was moving. Finally stopped to move a tree and was able to identify some horse pooh right by some hoof prints. Not super fresh, it had been laid before the last rain, but alarming none the less. I don't expect those trails would handle horse traffic well. We would do well to redirect them back to Krug if we run across equestrians on the GSC trails.

Anyway - happy riding. I plan to be out some this week. Hope to see you all on the trails!

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Tenacious Tortoise said...

Wonderful to read that you've got your clarity back Bro! We all need experiences like that every once in a while.

I'm just over half way through my road riding season and in a few months will be itching to hit the trails again.

Hope you and all the other area mtb riders come out to support all the events going on at the beginning of September... the Tour of St. Joe on 6 & 7 and the Tour of Missouri on the 8th. There isn't a more convenient opportunity to some of the best cyclists in the world going at it.