Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trail Conditions

GSC, Brownie, Corby North are all in excellent condition. Hard pack, cut wide, and very fast.

Corby South is a little more dense, but is not hanging over the trail and is not annoying to ride. It is also hard pack and fast.

Krug is still overgrown and blocked by trees. It will have to be a winter project to clear and re-route.

Sunbridge is clear, but is overgrown in on some trails. It needs a good cut on the upper trails. The lower trails are still in pretty good shape.
These guys are making trails too. Yuck.


jspell said...

Nice picture! Where did you find those little slime balls?

Anyone riding Sunday morning? I am thinking 8am would be good, if anyone is interested.

lansenm said...

Saw these guys at Sunbridge while hiking in the rain on Tuesday.

I can ride Sunday evening, but won't be able to anyother time this weekend.

Good luck to everyone who is racing at Shawnee Mission.