Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trail Work - Saturday AM - Krug

Meeting at the top of Krug for more you know what....
Saturday - 8:00 AM
Chainsaws, loppers, rakes, etc
Please post if you can help


Anonymous said...

I will be there.


Anonymous said...

me there hippie

JDOUG said...

I will be there only on one condition.
The hippy does not chow down on beans and brocolli tonight.

That makes folling behind him difficult!!

Anonymous said...

ratdaddy's there plus a new rider. Take it easy on him...Or don't. He's a big boy.


It will be cold and nasty! I will be warm and dry because I am going to wimp out!
Actually I stayed home from work today sick, so it wouldn't look good to go out and play with you guys on Saturday.