Monday, January 19, 2009

conformation and finalizing jerseys from JP

St. Joe Team Order
Here is the list for the team order from the blog:
Scott (Pool Dude) Med.
Jim Spellman XL
Brad Bob Lg.
Russ Dog XL.
Kyle Lg
Adam XL.
Greg Lg
Ian Sm.
Kelly M. Med.
Savanna xs
Nick XL
Greg Med.
Shawn F. Med.
Jason XL
Derrick XL
Emma XL
Lansen lg.
David C. XL.
Craig Lg
Larry XL
Randy T. XXL
Mike Ratcliff XL
Outside St. Joe
JP Lg. x 2
Eric XLg
Jeff S. XXL
Bob Locke Lg.
Bill Mc. XL
Gary M. Lg.
I have ordered 2 S. / 2 Med. / 2 Lg. and 2 XL jerseys in case we have some new members or someone who needs another jersey. We can do another order mid year if we need to or if the demand is high?
That makes 28 team members, not a bad start!
Please get your jersey checks to Shawn ASAP or Mail to me ASAP. I will be by to get the money from Shawn over this next weekend or early next week. I am submitting the order Tomorrow a.m.



shawncforce said...

I forgot the info for mailing money to JP. Some people have already paid me, Thanks.

Payable to Shores Medical,LLC
Shores Medical, LLC
Attn: JP Shores
18610 W. 117th St.
Olathe, KS 66061

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bobbo L is gonna be on the team? Then scratch me off. He was BORN with more skills than I will ever even hope to attain. The disgruntled hippie.

JDOUG said...

OK, so do we send JP the money or give it to Shawn?

JDOUG said...

BradBob, you have no busness not getting an XL... We all know how long you have been out of the saddle... :)

CvtfaBOB said...

Thanks alot JDoug! Any more comments like that and I'll need an XXL! No offense hippie! I'll get into a Large , maybe with the help of a shoe horn , but I will get into it. The problem will be getting it off!

Anonymous said...

Shawn or to me, it is whatever is easiest for you guys? I will be up to get payment from shawn soon, still waiting for momma to have this kid!

Check out the heartland site:

You guys might already be working with them for some rides, but I say we host a st. Joe trail ride at some point during the year?