Thursday, April 2, 2009

Utility Pole Update

I met with KCP&L regarding donation of old utility poles. The available supply is less than stellar as far as length of poles and the donation is in the hands of their legal dept for now.
If I understood correctly, their regular clean up contractor was already given the green light to pick up the entire supply, thus if the donation isn't approved quickly, there may not be any poles available.

Regarding lengths, there are a couple poles perhaps in the 24ft range and maybe a few more around the 16ft we needed, but otherwise most of the stock is less than 8ft... or much shorter. In other words, our wish list of 28 poles at least 16ft in length won't be happening anytime soon as far as KCP&L availability. I do appreciate the consideration they're making. I hope to hear back soon.

I suggest that the mtb group start searching for alternative sources or materials.

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Thank you Ed