Friday, April 17, 2009

Bone Bender

Race ON!
The Bone Bender 3/6 hour is running rain or shine. The awesome Smithville Trail Crew is prepping the course today and hoping the rain stays south as predicted right now. We may get some precipitation, but we will be running the race either way. We've got 70+ registered racers so we will probably see the field swell to well over 125 by race time.

Good luck to everyone who is going!!! Wish I could be with ya.

Someone please post how it went when you get back.. Smooth is fast! Or so I have been told anyway..


JP Shores said...

Let's get it on! I will be at the race site by 9:30, turning in the check and racers from our team that I have from my blog. I just check it, so i have everyone who is going as of 7:12 p.m. We will have a tent for the pit area thanks to Shawn! I will bring a digital camera for before and after carnage!! :) I will post a race report on my blog and we can copy it to this blog...Should be fun! See you tomorrow! JP
P.S. We also have 4 teammates racing in Neosho on Sunday, good luck to you all as well. The first official race weekend for our team! Yahoo!! JP


Well it was intersting to say the least! Probably the worst conditions I have ever ridden a bicycle in. Pretty hard on the equipment, just ask Dave! Oh well there always another race.

Next Saturday at Lawrence River trails. It is in conjunction with the Fattire series duathalon that day. Sign in at 11am Race at 1pm.

CvtfaBOB said...

I had to totally disassemble my bike today due to the terrible conditions of the race! I was at least lucky not to have suffered the damage that Dave did, just some scratches and mud! I did have to replace the cables, housing and chain! They where shot! Everything else seems to be OK! Guys, count yourselves lucky to have missed this event. Better days ahead , I hope...

David C said...

I had some broken parts, but I still had a blast!