Sunday, June 14, 2009

More on Krug

More weedeating at Krug was done this week. Randy and Lance made it through the newly re-routed shorter switchbacks that now tie into the new outlet of the tree house trail. They also made it further down the trail to the new connection to the center trail that runs parrallel to the old climb that tops out at the boulders. This trail then comes back down that same hill and re-crossess the rode and ties into the remaining lower section of the trail that ends at the waterfall. This has all been weed eated now and can be ridden (although some benchcutting still needs to be done) Randy also spent several hours cutting back the majorly over grown section of this existing trail about a hundred yards or so before the waterfall.
The new loop will not cross the creek anymore by the waterfall but will instead run parallel to the creek, bypass the old start of the bridges trail and also bypass the old start of the red bridge trail before it takes off to the right on the new bottom switchback trail. This trail will tie into the remaining switchbacks that make their way to the top of the hill. All of these switchbacks have been extended in length where they used to tie into old downhill trail. After these switchbacks finally come out on the upper portion of the hill, the trail will meander back down and re-cross the old down hill trail twice and eventually pop out onto the old red bridge trail. The red bridge trail will terminate at the end of the old bridges trail which will now become the start of the bridges trail. The bridges trail will come out at the top of the old washed out climbs above the waterfall where this will all tie into the re-routed trails in the pine forest area.
Right now the new loop can be ridden all the way to the waterfall as weedeating has been completed to this point. Technically the switchbacks after this section can also be ridden as I spent several nights last week "rough" weedeating these from bottom to top and back down to the red bridge trail to kind of re-layout the trail as the new switchback tie ins had become extremely overgrown from this winters rough cutting and were difficult to see. These sections still need to be finish weedeated but at least we can now tell where the trail is going.
If you have a little additional time after say riding the GSC, pop on over to Krug and ride some of the new stuff. Really need to start getting some traffic on it to get things firmed up.


JDOUG said...

Hoppy, Randy, Crook, Lance (sorry if you have been working and I missed you here) THANK YOU!! I know you have taken huge chunks out of your life to do all this work. I am sure thats why you are all so Fu**ing slooooow!!! ;)But what can you do...
Seriously though, the trail system would suck if you guys werent doing what your doing..

On another note, I have no idea what in the hell your talking about, going to this brige trail and then over to where the dog was buried in 93..

If people are going to ride it, is there an easy way to find everything? Can you get to it from the (new) start?

Anonymous said...

You WOULD know where the dog was buried if you actually SHOWED UP on work day! i guess you woulb be faster bitch! the hippie

JDOUG said...

tRue, true....

choppe said...

Randy or I will show you the way but there will be brake checking involved so beware

Anonymous said...

i ran the krug trails this morning. all the new stuff looks pretty good even though its not benchcut yet and it was a little confusing (being my first time on these trails. just wanted you guys to know that someone really appreciates the hours of work you are putting into these trails; for bikers, hikers, and trail-runners alike. thanks again.

chris farney