Saturday, July 25, 2009


Everyone needs to get out and try the "new" Krug! I rode the entire loop today, it was soft but still fun. We need to get everyone out to enjoy the fruits of a few peoples labor! CH, RT, DC and any others who have put time in at Krug, "THANK YOU"!
Everyone needs to get out and try the "new" Krug! (did I already mention that?) The sooner we get these trails packed down the more people are going to love it and ride it.

If you were riding today, I hope you enjoyed the web free trails! I ate a bunch of the little furry creepy crawlies for you.


choppe said...

You beat me to the post. Awesome that you got out to ride it today.
I did'nt get to ride but spent much of the day clearing and weedeating more trail. There is still 3/4 mile or so of trail towards the end of the loop that needs a final weedeating but everything is rideable right now and the weather is awesome so like the post says Krug needs you and your knobbies. PLEASE ride it... ALOT!!!

choppe said...

As of today, everything at Krug has been weedeated. A few of the earlier weedeated sections have a little new growth on them but everything is good to ride.

David C said...

Thanks Craig