Thursday, July 2, 2009


Randy, David and I are planning to do some more weedeating at Krug this Saturday morning from about 6 am to around 10 am. If we could get three more people to help out, we could work in three tandems of two and really get through a good amount of trail. Should be nice and cool in the morning.
Please post a comment on this blog if you can help out.


Anonymous said...

I should be able to. No plans as of now, so count me in.

Trailrunner Lance

choppe said...

Sounds great Lance... Still could use a couple more guys
It's only four hours so the majority of your day would still be free
Any takers? We sure could use the help

Anonymous said...

My mangina is already itching. I'm not entirely sure it's because of mosquito/horsefly bites either! The 7 years itch hippie

choppe said...

Out of all the guys who ride the trails and read this blog, we get one volunteer.

Doc A said...

Wish I could but I'll be at work. Walked part of the trail with Gimli a couple of days ago - I think it is going to be super sweet - can't wait to ride it (and help clear of course).