Monday, September 21, 2009

Natures humble pie...

Went for a ride this Saturday, parked down at Corby for a change of pace. Wanted to see if/how Krug as gotten me in a little better shape.
Started on Corby S. and damn its rutted out. I have no idea on how to fix that, but parts made me feel like I was riding Landahl. Anyway, if you are wondering what is the best way to get in shape, just ride Krug. I have been out there exclusively for about a month or so and riding through Corby S. I can really tell the difference. Its nice to find yourself with gas left in the tank after climbing stuff that usually puts you on your ass..

It was after this loop on South that Mother Nature told me to slow the F down. I had just gotten off the phone with BradBob (computer issues) and told him about how nice it was to ride through south and it being nice that my legs are in better shape.
Now, I have ridden Krug continuously for month or so, ridden in about half a dozen races, ridden other technical trials around the state can’t remember a time where I took a good spill. Where do I crash so hard I thought I pissed myself? Yep, you guessed it, Corby North!!!
Don’t even know how I did it, found my left hand not gripping my handle bars thinking that was odd and about the time I thought “Shit this is going to……” I was driving my hip and shoulder into the ground going about 13-16 (trying to race the clock).. Actually had to walk this one off a little… Thank god there was know one around to see this debacle.
Needless to say, I had a nice relaxed ride for the rest of the day… Quite nice actually…

On another note, the Hippy and Hoppe went down to race at Swope on Sunday… Think they had some technicals but enjoyed themselves… Fellas, give us a run down!


Anonymous said...

AHHH Corby North... yes it is truly made to pound your face in the dirt. Actually north reminds one that complacency on a mtb WILL bite you in the ass

JDOUG said...

That it does!!

Doc A said...

Worst crash of my life happened at Corby North last year. Still not sure how it started, but it ended with me driving my helmet into the ground at 21 mph. No kidding it took 6 months for my neck to stop hurting. I think it might be haunted.

JDOUG said...

Rode Krug a little after work today. With all the rain yesterday I can see some areas that are going to have drainage issues.

The bench cut area Randy did just past the bridge trail.

Coming out of the trail going foward. That last little hill about 50 feet from the end, that kind of sucks is washing away..