Monday, September 7, 2009

Nice riding this weekend... Hope you got out!

Took some pics of Krug while out
Man I love Single Speed

Red Bridge
One of the creek crossings

Yes, there is a bit of climbing out at Krug. The fellas cut everythign nicely though, nothing is straight up. There is only one climib I have not been able to do thus far. Still you can do it with gears I bet.

View from the top, great view pic does not do it justice

Pine forrest

One of the bench cut climbs

little gully thats a bitch to climb when going backwards. Came close once.

Saw someone with out of town plates when I was leaving, nice to see people coming in to ride out there. Hope you enjoyed it.



Nice pictures! Sorry I have missed you this weekend. Been down and out with an ear infection. Rode a little Sunday and today but was really slow. Trails are so nice, and only a few spider webs!

David C said...

Nice pics JD

JDOUG said...

I think since the fellas cut krug so wide, its helping with the spiders... Which is nice, they usually grow the size of dinasours back there..

Anonymous said...

My kid needs senior pictures done! Are you available JDoug? Hahahahaha

JDOUG said...

Sure, I work for spare bike parts...

Anonymous said...

So, You already owe me then! Hahahahaha

JDOUG said...

There is only a very select few I owe...

well your obviously done riding for the day, in Utah then beeoch!!!!
Damn I wish I was with you fokers!!
It is really not all that cool to rub it in....

I think its one of you two anyway.

Well, Maybe, owe hell, aint gonna guess who you are. posting without your name on here..

race you for it!!!
What do ya say?
Unless this his hoppy then F U! :)
Or other names I might now out of town!

On a serious note, I do know an awesome photographer lady I would reccomend... just let me know...