Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Check this out...

2009 Boss Cross Series Winners

Junior: Aaron Robertson, Cycle City Racing
Women 4: Kay Lehman, SKC Racing
Women Open: Kathryn Mueller, KCOI/Boulevard
Single Speed: Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Cat 1/2: Shad Shreiner, 360 Racing
Cat 3/4: Robert Shultz, SKC Racing
Cat 4: Tyler Shumacher, KCOI/Boulevard
Cat 4, 35+ B: Craig Hoppe, Shore Sports
Masters 35+: Josh Taylor, 360 Racing
Masters 45+: Tie: Andy Lucas, 360 Racing and Steve Songer, 360 Racing
Masters 55+: Doug Long, 360 Racing


DavidC said...

Craig, "THE FU*&^% KING!"

JDOUG said...
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Anonymous said...

Great Job! Any of you guys that raced in 2009, please email me your results from the 2009 season. I need to get them to a new sponsor by mid week next week...

send them to shoresmed@yahoo.com