Sunday, February 7, 2010

White Stuff

Felt a little guilty for not making it out to Jamesport yesterday with Randy and David for the gravel grind so I decided to at least get outside today and hit the snow covered trails.
This may have been the best day of the year to ride in the snow. Everything was covered with at least an inch of the white stuff. Ground was still semi-froze and with fresh snow on top
traction was really good.
Made some climbs I thought I could'nt and did'nt make some that I thought I could but all in all it was good.
Saw Jason out on the cross bike riding the parkway and Krug. Dude has bronchitis and he's still out there gettin it!
Anyway left my tracks on South, North, Girl Scout and the Brownie
Going was a little slow but still got in a great workout... Feels good to get back on the mountain bike
Few pics for ya below. A little trail maintenance is in our near future but things really don't look to bad.


Ryan Marshall said...


I just moved to Saint Joe after just graduating college and getting my first job up here. Found your post and thought it was awesome the trails are being hit on a day like today; I'm interested in getting into the bike community and riding with whoever. I don't even know where the trails are around here, what's good, what's not. Want to meet up sometime and go ride?

choppe said...

Hey Ryan,
Good to hear from someone new to the area. We have great single track trails right here in town and we'd be more than happy to show them to you.
Not sure how much I will be able to get out this week but please feel free to call or text me at 262 2259. Be great to meet up for a ride.
Craig Hoppe