Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bonbender pics/results

6 Hour Team
6:17:00 Chambers / Donn Duo Open 7 Laps
6:04:02 Stamper / Waller Duo Open 6 Laps
6:09:20 Douglas / Hoppe Duo Open 6 Laps
6:18:36 Mapes / Shores Duo Open 6 Laps

6:32:00 Doss / Wood Duo Open 6 Laps
6:44:55 Trout / Fettin Duo Open 6 Laps
6:46:16 Tracy / Crook Duo Open 6 Laps
6:50:38 Arnaud / Myers-Arenth Duo Open 6 Laps
6:53:33 Mayfield / Coffman Duo Open 6 Laps
6:57:11 Jones / Lacy Duo Open 6 Laps
7:16:22 Lueckert / Yeary Duo Open 6 Laps
6:02:30 Carstensen / Carstensen Duo Open 5 Laps
6:03:55 Gaulter / Reade Duo Open 5 Laps
6:05:09 Overstreet / Trammell Duo Open 5 Laps

First pic is of Larry, cuz its effen AWESOME!!!!

Podium... Hoppe and I taking 3rd.

JP coming in after lap 1.

Hippy looking sexy as always!

Lemans start. Jim there I am sure somewhere near the rear! (Jim don't like to run)

Hoppe and GMapes waiting for JP and I to come in from the first lap.

Nick won a raffle on his first damn race! Can you believe it!I am sure you can trade that in down at the shop for some break pads or something....

Thats it for now, I am sure there are more pics to come......


Team BareNaked said...

congrats everyone!

Nicholas said...

Great day!! Good to see St Joe representin'!!