Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Krug "Optional" Bridges

Krug bridges are finally done! Randy and I completed the last two tonight. They are the optional "slower route" bypasses for the two main water crossings that I have been pestering Randy about for some time now. This means that for the most part we can now stay out of the water while riding at Krug. I know alot of you like the water crossings and they are still there to ride if you choose to but for those of us that ride up there on a regular basis it will be much better for the drivetrain and bike clean up (not to mention dry feet!)
Anyway, by my count that makes 13 bridges in a 6.7 mile loop... Bet you won't find too many trails out there that can say they average a bridge every half mile!



Thank you! The trails/bridges are great!

Anonymous said...

Man you guys Rock! Looking forward to riding in St. Joe next Thursday!

Team BareNaked said...

Hope you are not talking about today thursday unless you are bringing a canoe!

Nicholas said...

Beautiful job guys. I for one appreciate the optional water crossings. That trail (the bridges and water crossings especially) get a lot of compliments from the out of towners. Upcoming race should be awesome!

Ty said...

Hey Guys I have been trying to find some info on the race that is up there on May 8. I would love to come to it. Can you post something about it on the Earthriders forum under racing. I think it would be awesome to get a lot of people up there.
Ty Trammell