Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Racing, etc...

Have been waiting to post to see if I can't get some race results/Pics up and going.
This is all I can find so far..

But nothing is posted that I can find. I know Hoppe headed down to Springfield to race in a Fat Tire Series XC race last Sunday.
Also Nick and Larry (Sounds like a sitcome couple, anyway) went up to Hopkins and get their rodie on.. I bet there are some other Joetown folks up there also. Jav and Rusty, prob more..
Post something if you know where we can pull up any info..

Also, a huge good luck to everyone going to Nationals!! I think its tomorrow... JP and GMapes from Shores Sports are there, Tim King from Smithville is there. Not sure about other local riders...

Other races coming up are:
Sunflower State Games, Topeka KS, July 25th!

Crocodile Rock, Perry Lake State Park, Perry KS, Aug 1st! (Raindate)

Thinking about trying to get out to Perry Lake this weekend to pre-ride the single track to get a little familuar with it. Anyone else interested? Need to see if I have any takers before I try and get it approved with the wifey....


DNF said...

Yup, Larry and I got our "rodie" on. It was a blast, humbling and educational....kind of a theme with me and these organized races. Yes, there were other St Joe guys there, quite a few, but we have MTB stink on us so not alot of direct eye contact was made. We were sporting our Water Doctor jersey's too and didn't do a very good job of advertising at the finish line. I doubt any results from that race will be posted because I think the town computer was froze up that morning. Instead, let's just say we won until you can prove otherwise. I personally will not be at Croc Rock now due to a military commitment, but I think some others on our team are still going. Good luck to EVERYONE in that one!

Anonymous said...

Hey I may be interested in heading over to KS to ride. Let me know whats up! DW

Anonymous said...

You guys should skip the sunflower games and come out to Curt Gowdy state park to ride. Our mountain bike club is hosting a campout 23-25 at Curt Gowdy. We are providing all the food, beer and campsites!

in case you didn't know Curt Gowdy's trail network was built and designed by professional trail builders for MTBrs. Last year Curt Gowdy got the prestigious honor of an IMBA epic trail network. Everyone in our club is very nice and welcoming. It would be my honor to show some of you St. Joe folks around the CG.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.