Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KC Cup, Swope Park, KCMO 2010

Last race of the UFD “west” series was last Sunday at Swope Park, KCMO… I arrived to find the place soaking wet, parked next to BradBob and saw the usual faces getting out their race gear. All the boys who I needed to beat were all in attendance. Now I have heard that swope has plenty of rock areas with I found very disheartening. The only think I hate more than rocks on the race route, is WET rocks on the route.. Brad and I decided to take a pre lap to check this bad boy out and I am so glad we decided to do that… The singletrack was nice and hardpacked but the rock section was slick as can be.. This was going to get very interesting.. You can get an idea here…

Before we even start we run into Mark from Smithville (Water Doc) with this lovely gash in his shinn

About start time we noticed that there was about 20 deep in the Cat 2 race so I knew right off, that I am going to need to hit the singletrack with the top guys to get out of traffic… They started the race up a long paved straightaway. I was fortunate that it was an uphill start so that leveled the playing field for me with my singlespeed. They started the Cat 1 superhumans then the Cat 2 kiddos (19-29) then us (Cat 2, 30-39).. Right off the gun I got my handelbars caught up with a guy and he ended up pulling an endo right off the start line (sorry dude).. Bout the top of the hill folks were redlining and I hit the singletrack 4 back. The four of us opened up a gap real quick, as soon as we hit some switchback, I could not see anyone behind us.. Bout the time we hit the second paved section, some of the fellas dropped it into their big ring and took off. I was struggling to keep up, spinning like a mad man til we hit the dirt again. At this time I ran into Denny with 360 who apparently was feeling the Billy Porter from the night before and told me to pass him. This surprised me because I was worried about him the most for the UFD series point race..

Started to feel pretty good, caught back up with the leaders and started to run into traffic from the 19-29 kiddos (our group should have started after the Cat 1’s).. This is when we hit the Rock section. I forget what it was called, but it gave me fits… Bout ripped off my shorts completely getting through the section and completely lost track of who is in the lead and what place I am at this point. Not sure who I passed and not sure who passed me..

Lap one down, felling pretty good at this point..I hammer it to try and catch up with who I think is in the number 2 position… About the time I catch him, were back into some more traffic and we hit the rock section again… Then John W (Cowtown) came up and passed me (not very happy about that) and I thought I would just suck onto his wheel all the way to the finish line.. However he has a bit more tech. skillz than I do so I lost him after a couple other rock sections… That was the last time I saw anyone I knew… Climbed my way out of the woods to take 4th on the day… More importantly though, I beat all the guys I knew were close to me in the UFD point standings…
So I have won the UFD Cat 2 30-39 series… Pretty pumped about that!! Hopefully I win something out of it.. T-shirt? Anything?
Ethos boys Garet and Travis won their series also!!(on blogroll, G-Wiz, Pyrocrank)

KC Cup MTB Results

UFD Series Results

I will post additional info/pics as they come available…

Saturday there was a CX race in which Randy and Hoppe raced… Found a video on Vimeo, even see a cameo of Hoppe a couple times… Video..
They will have to give you the scoop on the race, think it went pretty well for them though…


GMapes said...

Jason, Great job on the series championship win, and Cat 1 upgrade! It should be an interesting season next year.

JDOUG said...

To say the least!! Thanks G!
Might even have to get me some gears.... Can somone teach me how to use them?????

g-wiz said...

Nicely done... Super tough course. You get to race with us big boys next year! Ha ha... you'll do fine.

I think I've decided to win the Expert Open in MWFTS too... Apparently no one has been consitantly racing those races.

Did you have your little one yet?