Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Only a handful of CX left.... Get your fill, it's now or never fellas..

Just think, this could be you this weekend... If your lucky!

2010 coming to a close and its been a hell of a ride! Three CX races left on the calender for this season and then its time to get back your focus to MTB and some singletrack.. CX is such good cross training for MTB racing, each year I end up in better and better shape come January and February... Which in turn means I get faster and faster come June and July...

The weather looks like its going to raise to the 40's for Cross off the old year on Friday.. Possibility of some rain too... Do we have the makings of a "real" cross race in some mud????
I know the hippy and I are planning on making an appearance..

"Friday, December 31st the 'crossers hit it again at CROSS OFF THE OLD YEAR. Expect a BIG run up and a BIG party at the venure:"

Then, two days later.. Out at English Landing, Parkville. Where the hippy and I first caught the CX bug at Boss Cross with our mountain bikes (with our trail riding gears)... First cross race ever and were pushing 34x18 on the flattest course around... Anyway....

"Sunday, Jan 2nd a return to classic turf in Parkville's English Landing course with the EPIC HOLIDAY CYCLOCROSS."

And then finally, " Sunday, Jan 9th the finale of teh Series 60CX: GROTE PRIJS SHAWNEE/"

Hope to see some of you there... My tentative plan is to make it Friday and then again next Sunday... Its been fun!

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