Friday, February 16, 2007

Hiking Landahl Park Tomorrow

I'm planning on leaving tomorrow morning around 9AM for Landahl to do some recon of what I'll assume will be the race course next weekend... I haven't seen a posting of the race course on Heartland Series website...actually they changed the home page quite a bit this year and there doesn't appear to be much for links yet. I have to be back around 3PM and up to three are welcome to ride with me.
I've thought about taking the bike w/ studded tires and riding but think I will stick with hiking... who knows what conditions will be like and plus it's clean right now!... might as well save it till race day when it could turn out to be a very sloppy first lap. ;0)
If anyone interested in going tomorrow you can call my house tonight at 387-8022.


jspell said...

Just finished a ride at Corby tonight. Very slick in spots and hard going in others. Probably wise idea to hike. I wish I could go, but I "voluntered' to paint the kitchen! If I am lucky I will squeeze in a short ride before it thaws. Clean bike? Thats not good! It will be very muddy next weekend!

lansenm said...

Have fun hiking.

lansenm said...

Have fun hiking.

3p0 said...

looking forward to your trail report..

Tenacious Tortoise said...

It was beautiful at Landahl. At least 4 inches of snow everywhere and I should have taken my snow shoes & gaters... basically as much snow if not slightly more than what we had that morning here in St. Joe.

Trail conditions: Although all snow covered, the trails were easy to recognize and there appears to be some new sections. I followed two fresh bike tracks and it clearly went in sections I had not ridden last year.

I think by race day it will actually be pretty nice since everything around here is melted except for some sun hidden spots... plus remember that Landahl can handle a lot of moisture. So I won't be taking my studded tires after all.

One of the race coordinators told me that the course will be similar to the first one from last year... basically staying on the east side of the park and they would not finalize the course until a couple of days prior to... and they would set up to maximize the drier sections & hense the fun.